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i Fishing 4 is a fishing simulator written by an avid fisherman. Millions of gamers young and old have loved i Fishing's realism and fun gameplay since 2008.

- (NEW)Online realtime multiplayer. Go fishing together with a friend!
- Photorealistic backgrounds and fish, as close as the real thing as it gets!
- Career mode lets you buy new lures, boats, and lakes
- Upgrade your boat with faster motors and equip with a trolling motor to sneak up on fish.
- Sell your fish on the fish market to earn cash
- Buy Golden Worms using your cash to unlock new content!
- Compete with your friends to catch the biggest fish
- Take pictures of your catch and share it on social networks

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Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played i Fishing!

i Fishing 4 APK reviews

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george phelps review george phelps
Edited 9/22/17 after closing the app it's now the next day overnight it reset and all my fishing spots, money and tackle came back. I apologize to rocking pocket games and have redone my ratings to 5 stars. Just like I fish 3 it up grades the game and you lose all the tackle you bought what you can't make a game that keeps the stuff we bought, you make us start all over from scratch
Gage White review Gage White
Can't even play it because of adds and want let me play any way
Daniel Dupont review Daniel Dupont
Boring and never catch anything
sheba townsend review sheba townsend
how do you let a fish go
Edith Quesenberry review Edith Quesenberry
What is that my fishing poll or a shotgun ? Every fish gets away come on really you kill this game unload bye ✌
Carma Lud review Carma Lud
Ads cover fishing control can't play. Totally useless don't waste your time downloading
Grumpy Old Fart review Grumpy Old Fart
I fishing 4
Thank you
Brantley Hoppkins review Brantley Hoppkins
This game is awsome love it!!! 5 stars
psychedelic rain review psychedelic rain
I have only one problem and that is when I exit out of the game to do something else but don't quit my fishing trip and come back its like Im stuck in fishing purgatory and its like a endless exspance of water with a dept of 20 feet and no wish and when I click the map button it just has the location tracker on the screen but no map also when I'm in the boat during regular game play a add will cover up the casting option so I play with airplane mode turned on to disable ads
Dai Masters review Dai Masters
I have been subscribed to this game for awhile now. I haven't played in a couple of months. I just logged in and everything I had purchased from tackle and boats, to my fishing spots are gone. Everything. What is the point of paying for a subscription if you will just lose everything.
This game is a hoot. Real life action, and you can send pictures of your "catch" to friends and family.My brother thought is was real.....lol His wife had to give him a heads up. I have a blind friend...she loves this app! Thanks for making it! Lots of fun.
tanner rogney review tanner rogney
Lost all my stuff, boats, lures, spots...everythings gone. Why pay for something and lose it all? Very unimpressed. Is there anyway to get my stuff back?
Mike Killin review Mike Killin
Loved this game and even bought the license a few months ago but opened it today it said I have to purchase again, the payment I made said it was good for a year.. What's the deal..?
dragon worrior review dragon worrior
It's a good game but the graphics could be a little more high quality and I need some pointers on how to unlock items such as different maps and tackle
Steven Robinson review Steven Robinson
It really sucks that I can't turn off the annoying a$$ vibration .. please fix so I can play this awesome game when the wife is sleeping...