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With iAquaLink, you can monitor and control a full range of industry-leading swimming pool equipment anytime, anywhere. iAquaLink offers the ultimate in intelligent pool control from a mobile device—empowering pool owners and professionals to create the perfect pool experience on-site or on-the-go.


AquaLink - Pool and Spa Automation Systems (RS, PDA, Z4)
Anytime, Anywhere Control:
- Heat up your Spa, adjust sanitizer generation, even manage multiple pools
- Control up to 32 pool/spa features including, lights, waterfalls, and jets
- Set the mood automatically with OneTouch Scene selection

iQPUMP01 - Connected Variable-Speed Pump Control
Optimize Pump Operation:
- Setting custom pump speeds
- Setting custom schedules
- Monitoring power usage

9650iQ, 965iQ - Connected Robotic Pool Cleaner
Convenient Cleaning:
- Create custom cleaning modes
- Set custom schedules
- Remote Control
- Easy Lift System

ALPHA, VRX, Alpha iQ and EX series - Connected Robotic Pool Cleaner
Intelligent Cleaning:
- SMART cycle, optimizes cleaning time based on pool size
- Schedule modes, days, and times
- Remote Control with Spot Clean
- Pool Temperature Display
- Easy Lift System

Z400 - Connected Heat Pump
Optimized Temperature Control:
- Air and water temperature monitoring
- Set custom temperatures for heating and cooling
- Remote Mode Selection

eXO iQ / Hydroxinator iQ Salt Chlorinator
All-in-1 Water Quality Control:
- Automatic water chemistry maintenance with optional pH and ORP sensors
- Control single- and variable-speed pumps
- Control white and color pool lights
- Optional MagnaPool model supports gentler magnesium-based water treatments

iAquaLink APK reviews

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Jaime Portocarrero review Jaime Portocarrero
Purchased IQ20-RS upgrade kit and installed myself. Saved $400 "labor" quote. Installed Aqualink software so far so good...working great. Would have preferred device had local web service so would'nt have to connect to big brother Jandy..as long as they don't charge for the connection control software...I'm ok. If they ever try to monitize I will unplug and go to different brand.
Scott Mercier review Scott Mercier
This app has worked perfectly the last year-and-a-half without a single glitch I've never had a computer work so well and it's out in the elements in a sealed box this is one of the best things I've ever done to my pool
Wil Gonzalez review Wil Gonzalez
This app would be perfect if it can display and control the rpm speed of the pump and send you notifications on your phone if the spa temp reaches your set temp. So far you can only control the very basic functions through your phone. Any advanced functions, you must access from the front panel.
Jas Hrizzo review Jas Hrizzo
It works great it is lightweight fully-featured it doesn't crash and works well on all Android devices which is hard for most third-party applications to say it also boasts a very easy to use intuitive graphical interface and it's very quick to load and so far I've never had it fail you can control almost everything about your pool turning on the heater turning up the temperature down the temperature turn on your spa change your lights 12 different colors pretty much you can automate everything and do it from your phone which is way better than just having to use the old school rubber button remote
Stephan Sanford review Stephan Sanford
App still down due to server maintenance for many days now, this is beyond belief that maintenance takes that long. Cannot use the pool/spa controls anymore.
brandon seay review brandon seay
Very basic in design. Switches often have to be slid over twice to work. No visual excitement at all. I use this app to control the center entertainment of my party and the app is almost colorless. I liked the previous version better than the update. More light color options would be great also. I like red but you can't select it.
Paul Hives review Paul Hives
This app is an embarrassment to Zodiac. I guess it's enough for them to claim they have a wireless app but that's about it. It's without doubt the worse app I have on my phone. Please provide an API so real developers can create a usable app. The mobile apps is incredibly basic and to do anything more advanced you exit to the Web app which looks like it was built by a 7 year old. Incredibly un user friendly. With the IoT people's expectations are higher and this does Not meet them.
Mdcalliso review Mdcalliso
Not ready for prime time
The application is buggy at best. The manufacturer of course will point a finger to the instability of your Wi-Fi connection that's working with all other devices. The app awkwardly connects to a desktop website to set pool program schedules whereI repeatedly get a connecting error message. I finally made program changes on my PC. This application looks great on paper but its not ready for prime time. I wish I had my Jandy wireless remote back. I prefer apps that make my life easier not more complicated
Michael Banfalvi review Michael Banfalvi
For some reason the light button is in the place where the blower button is. So when I select a color light it turns the jets on in the hot tub. What gives? It wasnt always like this. Must have changed on the last update. I tried uninstalling and reinstall but it didnt fix the problem.
Works well, connects quickly, operates reliably. It's perhaps not the most exciting visual interface, but I'm not looking for entertainment. I'm looking for a way to control the equipment remotely, like to turn the spa heater on while I'm away, so it's hot when I get home. For this purpose, this app works perfectly.
Richard Joslin review Richard Joslin
By far the best control system on the market. So many things it can do and very user friendly.it does everything but talk to you and Im sure thats on the way ..a voice command is my suggestion .Being a service /warranty center its nice to be able to help customers over my phone when they lose control. Love it
Anthony Brown review Anthony Brown
Upgraded from the original setup with a PDA remote. This is fantastic. I also recently installed a Heliocol solar system and the Aqualink automatically detected the system and everything just works. I can control the solar, my heat pump, view temps, and turn on anything from my Nexus 4 phone. Super happy. So convenient being at work being able to check on my pool. Thanks. *update. New update has broken the app. It says green but I can't control anything.
Bill Lang review Bill Lang
This review doesn't have a "4.5" rating so I gave it a 4. Mostly, it's a good app and it spoils you quickly. I'd like a "frequently used controls" or favorites menu at the top level so I wouldn't have to remember where some lower level controls are at. For example, with unpredictable rain this summer, I've had to change the chlorinator often to give it a 24 hour boost but not often enough to not have to search it out.
Horatio Bannister review Horatio Bannister
This app works perfectly for our iAqualink system. I did make sure that I have a wireless access point very close to the antenna, to guarantee good results. That, to me, is just part of a wireless system. We use it on Android and iOS phones and it works as it should. I don't know where all the bad reviews are coming from?
Seems to do the job. One huge suggestion, add notifications and alerts. Let the user know when SPA is at desires temp. Also if a secondary system is on at odd times, a notification could mean either someone is trespassing or that system might need servicing.