ICC Pro Cricket 2015 APK

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ICC Pro Cricket 2015
Play the Official Game of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.
This cricket game features over 200 official players from the 14 teams of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.
"The game is optimized for Quad core ARM 7 Devices with 2GB of RAM, Android 4.2 and above. There might be visual and functional discrepancies on lower devices."
Support id: [email protected]
Connect with us on: https://www.facebook.com/ProCricket2015
Do you want a taste of Real Cricket? Do you want to be a part of the World Championship?
One of the most detailed and realistic cricket simulation experiences of its kind, “ICC Pro Cricket 2015” is a gamers delight – equipped with 2 game play cameras and over 25 in-game camera angles, the cricket fever never stops.

Bored of playing the usual fantasy league, county cricket and test match games?
Don’t stick to the old cricketing format; move on to the T20 style of big shots and big plays.
Taking inspiration from ICC Champions Trophy 2016 we have a new and improved game for our fans.
ICC Pro Cricket 2015 is a real Cricket 3d simulation game where you can get the excitement of an ODI match on your mobile screen.

Play different modes, get your favorite players and make sure you beat your opponent to ashes
Build your dream team with players like Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli, Steve Smith, AB de Villiers and Rohit Sharma to name a few.

You might be a WWE or a Fifa fan, you might even love Basketball, but this will surely make you feel like you’re playing the World Cricket Championship.

• First ever cricket game with real simulation and card management.
• Modes: ICC Cricket World Cup Tournament, World Tour Mode (Dream team) and Quick Match Mode along with Multiplayer and a Batting Only Challenge Mode
• All 14 participating ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Countries with the original Player names.
• Motion captured animation to get the real cricketing experience.
• Intuitive batting Controls & Innovative Bowling controls. Control the speed, line and length.
• Complete your daily objectives to earn gold which will help you strengthen your squad.

ICC Pro Cricket 2015 respects your privacy and does not store any personal information
We do require a few additional Permissions to make your gaming experience better:
• We need access to photos media and files to install the game
• Contacts to access Google play
• Phone for game pause on receiving calls
• Location for relevant advertisement serving

To read our complete privacy policy please visit the below URL http://www.disney.in/privacy

ICC Pro Cricket 2015 and Indiagames Cricket Card Battle are produced by Indiagames Ltd., an affiliate of the Walt Disney Company.

About Disney India’s Interactive Business:
Disney India’s Interactive business is a hub for creation and distribution of high-quality digital content reaching out to millions of users in India. It develops and delivers multi-platform games and digital products including apps for multi-brands under Disney India - Indiagames, UTV, Disney, Marvel, and Disney.Pixar and distributes the content via mobile operators and various OEM app stores in India and globally.

The ICC symbol, name style, typeface, colors and logo and those of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 (any or all of which are referred to as the “ICC Identity”) are trade marks and (as appropriate) copyright works of ICC Development (International) Limited (“IDI”) © 2001-2015. All rights in the ICC Identity remain the property of and are reserved to IDI. All proprietary names, logos and marks relating to the ICC Identity, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 and the participating teams that appear in this game remain the property of their respective owners and are used herein under license.

ICC Pro Cricket 2015 APK reviews

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Moninder Singh review Moninder Singh
Just gave the game 5 stars and it never loaded again
Earlier i said its an awesome game and gave 5 stars....and now its nt even loading ...i think u people dont want good reveiws...sorry but its too annoying now...its been and hour i have been looking at mu screen and its only showing me...shoving coal...satellite in position...tezting patience..deleting dot balls..guys please i am here to play the game..not to improve my english skills....do something about....
Surya Malla review Surya Malla
Better concept than other.
Pros; 1. This game have capacity to became fifa game for cricket, 1 gb game ( it would be first one , before this only EA sport's cricket was good..Cons; 1.too money centric, give adv its fine ( u should get paid for ur effort either way but u guys have taken both routes, i mean in one hand u r heavily advertising ,in another u r being so harse that nothing is there for playing quick match why would anyone play that (not even achievement), player attributes should also increase by playing them well too
Kapil Choudhary review Kapil Choudhary
Worst game so far.the bowler won't even leave the bowl.It's so funny that u have to pay 1000 rupees just to play a single mode.Makers just want to mint money from the game even if their product is useless. Thank you.
Vijay Prakash review Vijay Prakash
The new version is worst than the previous version. You removed map in the tour section. Now it looks bad there. Commentary voice tone is very bad. You also removed toggle music. Now there is only one background music in the whole menu. There is no option for tutorial. You have to get in mind all the techniques when you play the game for the first time. No replay option. All cards have good profile photos. When any bowler appealing lbw and before umpire move his fingure up for out, the bowler and team celebrating before decision. Only 2 overs play in tour and 10 overs in quick match. 10 overs match won't give you any coins or something. Bowling Swipe method is not so good. You have to do lots of work on that. ...........Are u kidding me !! How will you compete your version of game with world cricket championship 2 ?? Tell me. Make it free. With less Ads.
siddharth khadanga review siddharth khadanga
I like the game but before there were rating 4.5 can you do free or 50rs to world cup and another now it was 4.1 are you all agree. so can send me reply did you like this tell me
Harsha Raj Vardhan review Harsha Raj Vardhan
Add test mode also.Update teams.add replay option.add ipl season also.add yuvraj Singh.its very expensive to unlock batting star and icc world cup.add half century and century celebrations.
Technical Nikhil review Technical Nikhil
This game is superb but it hangs in all phones so please improve this game facility and in new update out of park ball is not going And please add ipl tournament
Urgent game is very slow...in moto g2 gen
My model no is XT1079,This is very hang means very slow in moto g2 gen .. errors show many times is this game is not responding.. and many more errors. In this game .. simulation is very bad experience... Thanking u please reply me as soon as possible, and remove all this type of error,,....
Nisar pv Kuttippuram review Nisar pv Kuttippuram
Awesome but following changes needed
*Add 50-100 runs celebrations, replays, keeper catch,slip catch,Stumping, Noballs, free hits,Batsman should be movable along the crease, bouncer warning should be added, Lbw(always get out whn someones appeals for tht, add not out also), Yuvraj singh is not there in indian scode, add Yuvi,sachin etc, add a veteran team for shane warn,murali,jayasurya,ponting etc, Please increase free coins count, Test cricket also a great option !!! please implement above chnges.pls
Jayanth Raj review Jayanth Raj
Celebration, Number of overs
After crossing 50 celebration will be attractive. In normal match mode we aren't able to select number of overs. Otherwise game is good. U can make these changes in your next update. Make it soon..
Scorpion TheGamer review Scorpion TheGamer
Make some changes
I like the gameplay it's awesome new and antique . I have been playing world championship 2 cricket if you can add replays , wagon weels , drs etc like that game I think this game will become the perfect game for mobile thanks
Surajit Dhali review Surajit Dhali
Best cricket game for android....graphics & game play are fantastic......but while world tour needs every country minimum 3-5 players belongs from individual country....It's irritating...
Still ask for update
I updated this game but it still ask for updating.. Also it does not allow you to play when using older version online. Also you can't log in using hotspot.game is really got worse update per update
Gunjan singh review Gunjan singh
Best game but need to improve.in quick match it needs to give coins
Barnali Bose review Barnali Bose
Very bad why others overs except 10 over in quick match we have to pay. Please reduce the prices of the players and it is the worst game after this update. Please make 5;15;20 overs not to pay in quick match