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1.0.027 · Aged Studio Limited

Stimulate the brain to identify the idiom to eliminate the elimination.

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Version 1.0.027
Developer Aged Studio Limited
Category Games, Word
ID com.agedstudio.word.puzzle.idiomgame
Requirements 5.0

Idiom Game - 成語高手 1.0.027 APK description

Chinese Idiom Game(成語高手) is a sliding elimination game, combining the familiar mythical story of Journey to the West with the profound idiom culture, with casual puzzle elimination gameplay, allowing you to feel the charm of traditional culture in a relaxing game, and experience walking with the Great Sage to get the scriptures in rare and ordinary life.

Rule explanation.
The game uses the sliding elimination method, players need to distinguish the correct order of the four Chinese idioms, by sliding up and down, left and right to select the word block so that the four words selected in turn to form the correct four Chinese idioms, you can complete the elimination.
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Idiom Game - 成語高手 latest version

Game features.
-消除玩法: Players select four Chinese characters horizontally or vertically according to the order of the idioms that can be formed, and if the combination is successful, the idiom will be eliminated, and the blocks above it will fall down.

-惊喜关卡: surprise crossword levels, different ways to play, fun upgrades, rewards upgrade.

-温故知新:When you encounter unfamiliar idioms in the game, join in to learn the old ones, and don't be afraid to forget them.

-操作簡單: just slide your finger, play simple and clear, young and old.

-葫芦宝器: fill in three idioms correctly in a row, and you can fill up the gourd and get extra rewards.

-梯级难度: Increasing difficulty from simple to complex, fun and challenge, endless fun.

-降妖伏魔: Experience the 91 difficulties on the way to get the scriptures, learn the idioms and subdue the monsters with the Great Sage, and seek the true scriptures.
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Download (27.38 MB)

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