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Grow and automate the most profitable farming empire of all time!
Make smart investments into a wide variety of whacky crops and animals and you'll earn millions in no time. Can you build the most profitable farming business in the universe? 💰 🐷 🐔 🍒 💰

✓ AUTOMATE your farm and earn continuously while you’re away to get rich
✓ COLLECT hundreds of cool crops and animals, each with their own style
✓ WEATHER CONTROL – Increase production by powering up the sun and making it rain on your farm
✓ PRESTIGE by taking your crops to market in return for magical seeds
✓ INVEST WISELY with smart decisions on when to upgrade, harvest or earn idle profits
✓ PLAY ANYWHERE! - Free to play online or offline, no connection required.

💸 💸 Become the greatest, richest and most humble farmer in the universe! 💸 💸

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🐣 😻 Love from the Idle Farming Empire Team, Helsinki 😻 🐣

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Idle Farming Empire APK reviews

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Joseph Harlan review Joseph Harlan
This is the best farming game I've ever played in my whole intiyer life
Thomas Jones review Thomas Jones
It was fun for a bit.. but I guess I grew bored with it. I know it's supposed to be a tap and swipe, but it's just too slow. If you have the time.. please play it. It's a novel game for the concept.
Maddie Cat228 review Maddie Cat228
Its fun, addictive and a great way to pass the time! ?????! (Maybe a little less waiting though)
Alexis Roberts review Alexis Roberts
Fun game. Love trying to earn more money than the previous harvest!
Linda McGinn review Linda McGinn
I like that you can unlock new animals
Chaz S review Chaz S
How can you make more money in 3 hours then in 8 hour?? I don't get it. As the game goes on it takes too long to hit targets
Pamela Sherratt review Pamela Sherratt
I don't under stand why the pictures of the game on this show a completely different game to the one I am playing there is no other farms that u can progress on to and the farm that I am on is completely different to the pictures there's a chicken in the dog house and there's nothing that comes out the barn your advertising is all wrong
Spencer Daudelin review Spencer Daudelin
The game is good and fun, but I think when you have to get 21 mill. It takes to long it makes it boring. but anyway awesome game ??.
Jenny Hurley review Jenny Hurley
What is the problem this game is a child's game not adult so no weed adverts about it thank you
Jenny Crowl review Jenny Crowl
This is so much fun and walking away for. Bit won't see you losing ground!
Yusuf Andrian review Yusuf Andrian
Simple idle game with farming theme. Prefer this more than Build Away game because it is quick to advance your farm to do some upgrades and easier to play. Add daily login would be great for daily player. Needs game performance for some devices though, c'mon this game is not that heavy. UPDATE: I'm impressed that developers actually listens to feedback, they add daily goals and UI improvements which is great new looks to the game! I hope Build Away will follow the same update shortly, can't wait!
mitch martin review mitch martin
I was enjoying the game... Until it offered me a bonus offer. Get the sun forever i thought great no more ads ill do it. Still needs to watch ads so whatd i pay for? Nothing changed. Gave game benifit of doubt. Got another special offer this one said rain forever... Paid it yet i still have to watch ads to get rain. Its no different then if i had not paid. Thats false advertisement.
Lori Haffelt review Lori Haffelt
It's an idle clicker disguised as a farm game.
I like this game, even though it is a battery hog. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of buying a small package of diamonds to reward the developer. Clicked to spend 350 to keep my crops after harvest. Lost my 350, as my crops left with the harvest. Not one more penny, guys. If you're smart you won't waste your money, either. Reducing my rating to one star so folks will see this.
Ryan Wagner review Ryan Wagner
Great until my progress got deleted.
Loaded the game one day after countless amounts of time spent playing, and the game had reset itself. When I went to try to recover my save, it synced the reset game to the cloud and completely wiped out my progress. This game was so fun, but there's no way I'm restarting. If this is how your games work, I think I'll avoid Future Play in the future.
Tristan Predo review Tristan Predo
Man I'm addicted to this game! I've never gotten into an idle game like the way I've gotten into this one! Gameplay is fun and the graphics are great. I'm more than happy to sit through a few ads per day to progress in the game. . . After a while they just became part of it for me. Cheers for making such a fantastic game!