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iFunFace - Create Funny Videos
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Create stunning and hilarious animations of you, your friends or pets from any photo!

iFunFace lets you create amusing videos of yourself and others by simply using a photo and creating an audio recording. Our unique speech analysis technology automatically creates the animation for you. No special skills required.
Go viral! Bring your own story to life! You and your friends can become the stars of the show!

1. Take a new photo or select one from your existing albums
2. Identify the face and mouth of one or multiple characters
3. Record your comedic bit and select a voice filter
4. Share your creation and spread the laughter

Add accessories (hats, glasses, mustaches, etc.) to any of the characters to enhance the hilarity of your iFunFace creations.
Create complex conversations with up to four characters that can interact with each other.
Easily share your videos straight from iFunFace with friends and family via email, Facebook, or simply save it to your camera roll for later enjoyment.

iFunFace works with any person or subject: Friends, family, babies, pets, cartoons, and even you! If it's got a face, it can be brought to life!

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All new features are already in the works! The iFunFace universe is continually expanding.

iFunFace - Create Funny Videos APK reviews

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Evie McHale review Evie McHale
Its a bit laggy...
I love making videos on here, my brother and I really laugh at how you can change the voices and add accessories to make the faces look hilarious. Its just a bit laggy and stops now and then, apart from that... Great app! :)
Darshana Akalanka Pagoda Arachchi review Darshana Akalanka Pagoda Arachchi
It's hardly usable with adds. I'm trying for half an hour now. Every time I try to preview what I made a 15sec video add shows up. And sometimes the changes done are not saved and goes back to start. Creator trying very hard to make us click adds.. don't get this app.
Ace Johnny latty review Ace Johnny latty
Would of give it 5 stars but won't let me post on facebook. Facebook keeps saying my video is not long enough even though I use to be able to
Jason Yates review Jason Yates
I paid to unlock all features including ads and it hasn't worked at all! don't waste your time with this con!
Although the app itself is entertaining to use, I find it EXTREMELY annoying for ads to pop up every other creation. It is also frustrating when I click start over and some crazy screen of blocks comes soon and there is no way to remove it other than by closing the app completely and reopening it.
Ant Van Biggs review Ant Van Biggs
Paid for the pro version a while ago, reinstalled the app and now I have to pay again. Cant even renew purchase. Seriously? Refund please.
Marc Blenman review Marc Blenman
All it does is crash, or an ad comes up and you cant get out of it. I have the Samsung Galaxy S7 and like i said it just crashes all the time. If they fixed it and you could actually use it i would give 5 stars. But all it does is crash and crash and crash.
gabe2true review gabe2true
It was working great for years. All the sudden it stopped working. The audio is fine but the video is warped and blurry almost resembles tv static. If they fix it I'll change my rating. I tried 3 different Android phones same weird feed.
A Google user review A Google user
I love this app its so fun and i find it never gets boring i just crack up everytime.it would be better tho if u didnt always have to get ur image thru tinypng before it will open but otherwise i really like the app the reators did fantastic
Gary Boardman review Gary Boardman
This app is so much fun, but if your image file size is large you need to push your image through tinypng before it will open. Save video to camera roll to make sure there are no speech or video glitches. Then share Fantastic
Adrian J. Blanco review Adrian J. Blanco
Ha ha Ha! The things I can do! Just use your imagination.
Evildirk review Evildirk
Dis app is great and all but WAY 2 MANY ADS. IM SICK OF THE ADS. Also this app GLITCHES CONSTANTLY so fix dose 2 problems pls
Neil Franken review Neil Franken
Does not work when opening from photo album. Done and dusted
Melissa LaMoore review Melissa LaMoore
I've made two videos so far. And I can't stop laughing! This app is soooo funny!
Paul Garber review Paul Garber
This app is great only thing that would make it better is to have a few more options and drop the adds.