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Join millions of travelers around the world and take the journeys that matter. Using half the storage space of many other navigation apps, iGO Navigation is an offline app that guides you on adventures around the world.
Including only the features that help you the most, we do away with distractions – just you and the world around you, because we believe that travel should be experienced between the traveler and the world, not the traveler and their phone.
The iGO Navigation app is for those who believe in a purer form of discovery, but want a helpful guide to push them in the right direction, whether you’re traveling in your hometown, a new country, or across a continent. The award-winning, full-service app now has improved visualization, accelerated route calculation, reduced storage space requirements, and advanced offline features, making it the best copilot to help you experience the world around you.
Find your inner explorer, and hit the road like a pro. No more getting lost, no more wasting time, no more clogging your phone, no more searching for WiFi, and no more distractions. iGO Navigation: for the journeys that matter.
What does iGO Navigation offer?
- Over 100 countries, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy, France, Australia, Russia, Turkey, and more
- Half the storage space compared to many other navigation apps, saving room for more important travel necessities, such as photos, videos, and music
- Fast and diverse route calculation options to find the best route possible
- POIs to help you find restaurants, bars, landmarks, malls, stores, and more
- 3D landmarks and 3D city maps for clarity and easy-to-process visualization
- Offline reliability to keep you on track, be it in a crowded city or remote backcountry
- Point addressing to accurately pinpoint hard-to-find locations and to navigate in places that follow non-sequential numbering or don’t have address numbering at all
- Junction view to prevent confusion when entering and exiting major roadways
- Advanced Text-To-Speech for hands-free and turn-by-turn directions
For more information visit the http://www.igonavigation.com/ website.

iGO Navigation APK reviews

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Victor Denisov review Victor Denisov
I've been really, really patient. When iGo was finally released on Play this summer with maps from 2015 Q3, I refrained from commenting. When there were zero updates since release in 5 months, I still refrained. But now, when the maps are 1.5 years old - I finally lost it and rated the app 1 star. Where I live, iGo can no longer be used for navigation, as major parts of the city's streets have changed too significantly. I'll revise the rating once map update comes out. UPDATE on May 25th 2017: Still no new maps. Beyond ridiculous. This app should be pulled from Play Store and users issued a refund
Michael Labocha review Michael Labocha
I hate the new user interface! This used to be the best navigation software for Android with intuitive menus and excellent functionality. The decision to blindly follow the prevailing UI design trends was a very poor one.
Alex Pandian review Alex Pandian
Not Usable for me, Where is India
Chris Allen review Chris Allen
Old maps!
Good app, but why are maps so old (2015 03), way behind other Android apps. Update please. Plus install maps on external SD like Sygic, Here, CoPilot etc so no excuses.
Jean-Robert Lojat review Jean-Robert Lojat
Best gps navigation on the planet. The graphic is excellent, the sound, the 3D, the street names, the message, the trafic, the power of search wow is like google search, no limite. You can fine any address you want. But, to say that, you have to pay for every thing. If you don't want to pay, don't buy it. Because after download the map, you have to pay for the rest. I think after igo, it's navefree, but to slow, Copilot a good one, but the power search is no good. Anyway staff, Excellent job. Thanks.
Arpad Orfi review Arpad Orfi
I’ve tried to like this new iGO app VERY much, since I liked its former editions in the past for many years – it was superb, with lots of advanced features and without glitches. It was an outstanding piece of software in terms of feature set and usability. This new iGO Navigation app is not that good. Although it offers some features that I miss in competing products, it has some design problems, some bugs, and most importantly a traffic service that lags behind Sygic’s TomTom HD traffic live service. Sygic also offers superior, more realistic, more beautiful 3D rendering. Plus some features that I miss in iGO Navigation. Sygic is not perfect, too – I miss some features of iGO in Sygic. But if I compare them, Sygic comes out ahead. Skip this.
Winson Mao review Winson Mao
Full of bugs. The first time, the trial worked okay. So I made the purchase for the license. Then, it was always the message "You do not have maps available yet". I could not figure out what's the problem. I canceled the purchase. The second time, the trial worked okay. I then purchased the license again. This time, it worked! But it just worked for one day. Then, each time I launched the app, it was always showing "Searching for GPS signal". I had to cancel the purchase again. I used some old version of iGo before. It was very good. But this new version is really disappointing.
petr petr Petr review petr petr Petr
Graphic template
All people like this nav thanks old graphic design... Here is thin road and small arrow thanks thin road thin navigation line and you need more look on phone and this is dangerous and very unconfortable... Is possible import old igo template? If yes I will buy and I think your rate and buying this app will grows up.
Stelian IONESCU review Stelian IONESCU
Nice Navi App
Just in simple words: Offline and friendly Menu. I use it from 2006 on different operating systems. Just 4 stars because you cannot import your own POIs from previous versions of the software. Maybe I should give 3 stars because saving/importing/exporting places is very important for me. I have to use older versions.
A Google user review A Google user
Thank you very much for releasing the updated maps 2016Q4. I installed the updates free of charge, the error 108 has been fixed. iGO navigation works great in Russia and Europe. I really enjoy it. Please keep on updating the maps at least once a year, then I will use iGO navigation for the rest of my life. I wish you all the best!
Ionut Arghiroiu review Ionut Arghiroiu
Favorite navigation software! a few issues: if you reinstall usually or have problem with detecting maps you should do swid screenshot and contact support and they will manage the problems. Now recommendation regarding live traffic. a lot of free apps have free live traffic should provide that or lover costs, should have like a cloud storage for saved poi or addresses
A Google user review A Google user
Finaly got updated 2016 maps. Too bad that I had to pay again for it. You promised updates for free... Where is the fair play? It seems that this application is expensive enough. Payed twice probably because my phone was upgraded from Android 6.0 to Android 7.0. Problem solved. Thank's for refund (31.08.2017). Go for five stars!
David morrison review David morrison
Great But Australia whereis maps is not the latest that they want you to purchase. UPDATE: Publishers reply is rubbish. I am running now Q1 2017 map for free which I found, works fine and I run Igo50 gps, so what's your excuse now? You just lost a $50 sale.
Igor Rajačić review Igor Rajačić
This application is underrated. I'm using it for years and its very accurate. I have 1 remark though. Sometimes app cannot be started without internet connection due to updates and it happened several times that i was in the middle of the street and app just did not want to start.
A Google user review A Google user
Please, PLEASE explain honestly why are you guys not updating the maps?? 2016 Q3? Seriously? As much as I loved this app back in times, I will look for other options. I payed for this app hoping we'll get updated maps and you actually promised that in so many of your responses. This is not how you treat clients. This is not what we expected. Very, very disappointed.