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Offers Free
Version 1.1
Developer Treacle System
Category Apps, Tools
ID com.treaclesystem.InexpensiveCalc
Requirements 2.1 and up

InexpensiveCalc 1.1 APK description

[Detailed description]
Unit price of 1 gram is calculated automatically when you enter the number and price and quantity (in grams).
Formula:price÷(quantity×number)=unit price
It is easy to see color can be classified into different goods.
If you enter two or more products will be displayed in a dark color and easy to turn. If the same unit price will be displayed in a darker color a little.
Display and the total amount of the price to other, You can always tell when times higher that what the others when things 1.0 and the cheapest.
You can enter up to a maximum of 20 items.
With a single button, you can also change the name order and sequence in the order in cheap goods that you have entered.
So if you display a column next to the screen, is easy to compare.
Can be saved in txt or csv to SD card.
Even when the power is turned off once, you can call the stored data is to open the file immediately.
The last opened file name at the title bar is displayed.

[Input Item Description]
Name : You can note the name of the goods. Use this time to sort alphabetically by name.
Price : Please put the price of one.
Qty : Please put the quantity of things.
Num : You can put a quantity×number.

[Button Description]
Name, Inex : When you press the button, and rearranges the data you enter in the name of order and low order.
C : To turn off the selected item.
CA : Delete all.
A~- : Can be classified by color-coded (A~F) six goods. - Not included in the total price when you set the.Time to sort order by name and cheap, and rearranged every classification.
SET : When you press the SET button to suit the focus to the item, (A~-) classification will be set.

Open at the time of the next screen, save, delete button is the same as the menu button.

[Description menu button]
Open File : Open the data stored on the SD card. When you open a file is usually not care in the Auto.If the Auto automatically reads the character code. If you can not open, please specify the character code directly.
Save File : Create a folder on the SD card InexpensiveCalc, and then save the data.
Delete File : Delete the data saved in the SD card.

When you save the file, press the button and get the date and time, (the current date, hour, minute) input frame is placed in the name.
You can easily save the file with the date and press OK button directly.
Delete files so that come packed with features, you can easily organize files in the SD card.

[File format]
When you open and save files,
Loadable file type csv, is txt.
Can handle character encoding UTF-8, Shift-JIS, JIS, EUC-JP.
Line feed code can be selected LF(Android/Linux), CR(Macintosh), CRLF(Windows).

[Example of CSV output files to be saved]

※ Access permissions
Storage:Contains in order to save the file to the SD card.
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We can specify code to LF newlines, CR, the CRLF.