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Robert Huges review Robert Huges
It says no WiFi then you look around for a spot it says the spot. Rarely works! Fake
Ilias Yusoff review Ilias Yusoff
Wow! You're are data guzzler in the background.
mamush tadesse review mamush tadesse
For cheiting me
Sharad Patil review Sharad Patil
Please reply would it work
Its showing 4-5 km away Wi-Fi and 1 secured WiFi network it tell me that password but I don't know whether is correct
Ashen Dommm review Ashen Dommm
Great WiFi App
Must have, easy to use, does what it says it does.
Channaveera Channa Channa review Channaveera Channa Channa
Walid Philip review Walid Philip
Prakash Sathe review Prakash Sathe
Karim Mohamed review Karim Mohamed
Thank you
Zabuki Mioda review Zabuki Mioda
I downloaded it but i have no idea how to use it. I need to be able to connect on my phone to wifi and have a hotspot on my phone for my ps4 but the only wifi around my apartment is locked! I need internet please help!
Dronevlieger nl review Dronevlieger nl
Not working on Android 8. When adding wifi it keeps trying to get the ip adres
Stephanie Tinajero review Stephanie Tinajero
It sucks because I can't use the Wi-Fi close to me and it said that I have no chance to connect to the Wi-Fi.
Luis Badajoz review Luis Badajoz
Apperantly there are no wifi connections in my area but when i search for wifi through the phones wifi it locates my neighbors which is the reason why i downloaded this to use their wifi so guess it dont work
A Google User review A Google User
To slow
Trying to download world passwords taking age's again but apart from that OK app
dy dachakra review dy dachakra
Very good app and more easy funn