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Discover who unfollowed you on Instagram and who is not following you back, track gained and lost followers, find mutual friends, view fans plus more ...

Use InstaFollow app to effectively manage your Instagram account and get so much insight. It's fast, accurate and extremely intuitive.

Free Features:
- Detect and keep track of new followers + unfollowers
- Show non-followers, mutual friends and fans
- Follow/unfollow users
- View user profiles
- Support accounts up to 10,000 users

Premium (Optional Purchase)
- Detect and Keep Track of Blockers
- Support Multiple Accounts
- Remove Ads

Engagement (Optional Purchase):
- Ghost Followers
- Secret Admirers
- Best Followers
- Top Supporters, Likers and Commenters

User Insight (Optional Purchase):
- Sort Users Based on Activity Level, Popularity and Likability

Media Insight (Optional Purchase):
- Show Most and Least Popular/Liked/Commented Pictures and Videos

So next time you asked yourself 'Who unfollowed me on Instagram?' or 'Who are my ghosts?', just use InstaFollow. It will answer those question plus more. You'll like it instantly.

If you get featured on InstFollow, you can gain more followers very quickly.

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Note: You need an Instagram account to use this app!

This app is not affiliated with Instagram.

InstaFollow for Instagram APK reviews

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heathalynne review heathalynne
Perfect for tracking unfollowers!
I use this app pretty much everyday. I love how it tracks unfollowers and shows you if you're following them. Simply unfollow and move on! No wasting time looking at people's following list. It categorizes non-followers and mutual friends so you could unfollow non-followers or easily see who's following you back. Even the media insights are great for seeing your most liked posts. See your 'best nine' ahead of time. I invested in the app to get rid of the annoying ads. Best $2-3 I've ever spent!
Jena Vignola review Jena Vignola
Follow counts are great, engagement could be better
I paid for the engagement part and have barely used it. It only gives you information based on your last few posts, so it's not accurate info. If a random stranger likes my last few pics, it shows them as my biggest fan even though i could have a thousand posts and have never interacted with them before. The follow and unfollow count is great though, and it makes it very easy to follow or unfollow someone back right in the app.
Joseph S review Joseph S
Did the trick with a mass unfollow
After my account seemed to have been hacked and constantly following 100+ per day, I changed my password and got this app. It made unfollowing all the fraudulent follows easy. The one hour wait time per batch is reasonable. Much better than the 24 hr wait time of the competition's app. Great work. Thanks for making my life easier.
Very helpful
Keeps track of vital Instagram analytics that Instagram app should provide info about to begin with, but anyway. Very helpful app and a nice prodigy in its kind as Instagram api no longer supports the info it provides. I don't know how they do it but the managed to solidify it very well. Those ads though are killing me. And the price is a wee steep.
Rodney N. review Rodney N.
Good base product DO NOT UPGRADE
Good product for finding out who does not follow you back. So I upgraded to everything. And it suck and does not work or show correct info. A total waste of money I erase the app if I did not just lose 2.99 on the update for extras. Send email to support. Let's see if they fix. Or refund would be better. CROWDFIRE IS MUCH BETTER
wazrik abnoosi review wazrik abnoosi
Do not buy this junk
The whole purpose was to unfollow non followers and it won't let you do more then 40 per hour what kind of scam is this and after that if you use it to unfollow more then 4x in one day you get a temporary block. Trust me guys don't buy this junk I'm a real person not one of the paid scams to make them look good. My IG is oldschooltvs