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1.6.8 · Fitness & Health AI Lab

We love intermittent fasting: Weight loss diet tracker, program to lose weight.

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Offers Free
Version 1.6.8
Developer Fitness & Health AI Lab
Category Apps, Health & Fitness
ID com.kaulus.intermittentfasting
Requirements 6.0

Intermittent Fasting 1.6.8 APK description

We love Intermittent Fasting

IntermittentFasting guides you on your journey to success. Reach your goal weight, get healthy and feel full of energy.

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Intermittent Fasting latest version

The IntermittentFasting app
√ More than 10 intermittent free fasting plans
√ For both beginner, experienced and advanced fasters
√ Social fasting - fast with friends and other people
√ Easy to use - no registration, free to use
√ Custom fasting plan available
√ Adjust fasting/eating window anytime
√ Set fasting notifications
√ Smart fasting coach
√ Fasting timer with different themes
√ Track your weight
√ Track fasting ketones
√ Track fasting glucose
√ Track body-fat percentage
√ Track body measures
√ Track water intake
√ Track your body parts size - waist, shoulders, hip, and more
√ Track BMI (Body mass index)
√ Visualize Body states
√ Science-based tips & tricks
√ No need to count calories intake
√ Losing weight has become easy
√ Sync data with the cloud
√ Show fasting in the widget
√ Show fasting in the notifications bar
√ Visualize data from PC

The IntermittentFasting Coach
Reach your goals 30% faster!

The IntermittentFasting Coach calculates the optimal fasting plan for you every week. It also motivates you with challenges and tips for a healthier life. With over 100 cooking recipes you'll accelerate your weight loss success.

● A new fasting plan every week from the IntermittentFasting Coach
● Your personalized program based on your progress and goals
● Daily coaching with knowledge, tips, and motivation
● 100+ delicious recipes specially tailored for fasting
● Our food facts show you what you're eating
● Weekly personalized health and fitness challenges
● Save your favorite plans or create your own fasting schedule
● Get instant SOS help from IntermittentFasting's team of experts
● Unlock all fasting plans
● Collect trophies for your achievements
● Take a "Joker Day" off from fasting

Intermittent fasting with IntermittentFasting
● It has never been easier to lose weight and feel great
● Become slim and healthy with simple breaks from eating
● You can eat what you want - no calorie counter needed
● No diet, no yoyo-effect
● Develop healthy routines
● Improve your relationship with food
● Combinable with any diet such as keto, paleo, or low carb
● Ideal also for water fasting and lent

Numerous scientific studies confirm
● Intermittent fasting is the most natural and healthiest way to lose weight
● You strengthen your immune system
● The body learns anew to burn fat
● Your body starts detox processes while fasting
● You live healthier and have more energy
● You prevent numerous illnesses like diabetes
● Allergies, inflammations, and food intolerances can be reduced

Losing weight has never been easier - without a diet!
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Download (29.80 MB)

Latest change log:

Download the latest version of the app, you can fully enjoy the physical changes brought about by light fasting Here are the updates:
- Fix known issues and improve the product experience.

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Version Arch OS Updated
1.6.8 (3 variants) Bundles arm64_v8a_479651.apk Android 5.0+ 2023-05-13 (2 weeks ago)
1.6.6 (3 variants) Bundles arm64_v8a_479651.apk Android 5.0+ 2023-04-25 (1 month ago)
1.6.2 (3 variants) Bundles arm64_v8a_479651.apk Android 5.0+ 2023-04-14 (1 month ago)
1.4.8 Bundles arm64_v8a_479651.apk Android 5.0+ 2023-04-12 (1 month ago)


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