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M Jawaid Akmal review M Jawaid Akmal
After update not able to login. Message being displayed that you are using older version.
sanjay daksh review sanjay daksh
After update not able to login.every time update screen appeared(message- you are using order version of apps.pls update.)
Anil Kumar Singh review Anil Kumar Singh
It is nice App.
Sometimes clumsy throws no results
Deepu Mathew review Deepu Mathew
Very good app
Open Nahi Ho Raha Hai
Shashikant Deshpande review Shashikant Deshpande
Very nice application giving all required information at finger tip. Please provide date of birth of the requested employee, which will help in sending greetings.
Surendra Singh Chouhan review Surendra Singh Chouhan
Prasun Deb review Prasun Deb
Very user friendly, simple design, loads quickly and displays data almost in few seconds. Great work by mobility team.
Bikrom Maurya review Bikrom Maurya
The fact that this app can't be used if not updated and the fact that it needs an update every week makes it very painful.
Natrajan Kumar review Natrajan Kumar
This app is like the drop of water in drought. Thanks and all credit goes to developer..
Kris Mani review Kris Mani
Very useful app that too on the move. No worries of getting missed out anywhere in India. Kudos to the mobility team that developed the app.
Revathi Sridharan review Revathi Sridharan
Iam unable to open initial screen. It is not in active mode
Karan Agrawal review Karan Agrawal
Excellent app by COIS... ?? Hope COIS will improve my ess app likewise
Janarthanan T review Janarthanan T
Excellent, easy to access and quite useful when you are on the move Thanks COIS