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Kim Berry review Kim Berry
People are doing level 16 air strikes on the headquarters so then I lose please fix
Tessa Tino review Tessa Tino
Wanda Rudyanto review Wanda Rudyanto
Nice game
Pink Gurl review Pink Gurl
I love it
Dylan Conway-Greene review Dylan Conway-Greene
Great Game!! 5 ?!!!
Mohsen Arian review Mohsen Arian
Why I can't find the basement that I can defeat them. I only can find very very strong basements. And I can't defeat them. Wtf is this
Ram Prasad review Ram Prasad
New Favourite Game
Must reduce the upgrade times.
Fattie Joel review Fattie Joel
Matt Timrick review Matt Timrick
Awesome game
Anita Malviya review Anita Malviya
Best game
Mehar Ali review Mehar Ali
Loved it!
Its an awesome game but it does take a long time to upgrade apart for that its really good
Jamal Almazrouei review Jamal Almazrouei
so goooooood ?
A Google User review A Google User
A Google User review A Google User
Good game
Kaylee McClinton review Kaylee McClinton
After update there has been glitches