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Fight for your honor in epic, explosive online multiplayer tank battles. Join millions of players and take on legions of commanders from all over the world in team-based skirmishes and chaotic free-for-all conflicts.

Jump into a tank and go straight into battle. Join one of the thousands of powerful Legions or start your own and become a force to be reckoned with.

Roll into one of five stunning battlefields. Blow away anything in your sights in three frantic game modes: Free-For-All, Team, and Finders Keepers.

Choose from a range of powerful tanks then build it up to suit your playstyle! A deep upgrade system allows you to tweak firepower, speed, accuracy and more, as well as stat-boosting patterns and decals for a competitive edge.

• Play online with friends or against players from all over the world!
• Jump straight into the action and start battling immediately!
• Join one of thousands of legions or create your own and build an army
• Fight in three game modes: Free-for-all, Team, and Finders Keepers
• Compete in weekly ranked tournaments to win awesome prizes

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What are you waiting for, commander?

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Iron Force APK reviews

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Robert Larkin review Robert Larkin
We Hate Chillingo FB Page live
Go to our new FB page and document all the server cheating, money stealing and player cheating you witness. I have upgraded to the newest version. If it says older version then Craplingo is lying. If you download this game you're an idiot. It's worthless. So MANY cheaters on here you'll never have a shot to compete.
Greg Avery review Greg Avery
Ok but rarely fair game play!
At times this game is great. Im tired of tanks disappearing from in front of me, they reappear to my rear and kill me!! recently have been in battles with tanks that absolutely destroy me 1 shot! My shots bounce off them!! If I have to spend more $$ to compete I will delete!! Been playing 3 plus years am becoming very frustrated! I have spent 25$ maybe 30$ over that time but will not spend anymore!!
Ron Blodgett review Ron Blodgett
This Game is awesome. But the freezing is killing me. Literally. Tanks dissappear from in front of me and reappear behind me and kill me. Diamonds and medals I run over get awarded to someone else. It's pissing me off. Stop putting 8 tanks in one game. Your system can't handle it. And stop putting people with way less capability in the room with someone they can't do damage to that can kill them with 1 shot. Fix this and you get 5 stars. For the concept and the game itself you get 4
Alfredo Gonzalez Lopez review Alfredo Gonzalez Lopez
Chillingo y suck because my two accounts are real and y banned me without no reason and other players too, you chillingo are greedy creator and still 5 days later still don't work our games, i know some people have fake accounts because y are greedy in sale your products but not all of us are involve in this fake problem. Good luck
Paul Melanson review Paul Melanson
Ya well I had bought a a tank from a friend and you guys decided to baned it from the game. The sad thing is I was spending money on you game but you know what I'm not going to spend a dime on your game. Your like the NFL your game sucks now and know one wants to watch it or play it. Hope you ass holes in joy the money it's not going to last.
Anthony Martinez review Anthony Martinez
Fkn joke!
This game is a scam and will cost you money. What is really funny is how the developers post up the good reviews first. read All the the reviews and see this game suks! This developer should be ashamed of themselves. Absolutely the worst server on the planet. Glitchy gameplay and tends to breed selfishness and hatred. Seems great at first then when you are hooked don't expect the game to be fruitful in your benefit. The only persons to benefit are the developers. Download and play something else. Seriously.
Chris Bremer review Chris Bremer
You all are a holes for taking my 2 accounts I paid for with my hard earned money. I even spent some on the game for upgrades. Never again. I might change my rating if I get them unbanned but It won't be 5 star. Plus I can't get to my legit accounts. Pathetic......
Kent Reinertson review Kent Reinertson
Love the game
Just that it gets really frustrating when your trying to battle and you have to go up against someone that is way above you in levels. I just leave and try another battle even if it means I waste fuel doing it. Hackers and cheats abound. Tanks magically jump from one spot to another. It's a good thing I can play other games that aren't so frustrating.
John Aiello review John Aiello
After the last maintenance issue I did have a problem. I lost my account but an hour later it was fixed. People saying you need to spend money, all I ever bought was a 30 day medal. I worked hard to get my S Lynx. You can buy a Vulp which is also a strong tank especially once it becomes an S tank. I hold my own against Tier 5 tanks and once maxed I'll be fine. There are lags and some issues but the Game is what you make of it!
Floyd Ace review Floyd Ace
Iron Force
Is a good game. Has some issues with cheaters manipulating the matches. Still my favorite tank game. Great features, don't care for the elite system that makes you pay real cash for bonuses. For a "free" game without advertising, hard to beat.
Leo Ockert review Leo Ockert
All greedingo/ea, suck,don't download any of there games! All they is money,download this game at your own risk,if you get co-driver,they find out,they ban/ block your account,tell you got refunds,illegally,but will not show you proof. Go if fb page see how many people got ban,don't play this game or any greedingo/ea,games. Steellord,is much better game. I will never,ever play any there games ever again,they sloth suck!!!
Darren Abbott review Darren Abbott
Great but
Fix the match ups and maybe get a better review. I have a pavo level 20 or more on everything and I get my a$$ handed to me by the new silver tanks. Stop the cheating and fix the match ups, please.
Dejhon Bailey review Dejhon Bailey
I don't know why I downloaded this
controls suck, graphics suck , and the spawning is dumb you spawn then you have guys shooting you. Sigh the game is horrible. Listen people this is important DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME DOWNLOAD WORLD OF TANKS BLITZ WORLD OF TANKS PUT THIS GAME AND ALL TANK GAMES IN PLAYSTORE TO SHAME. THEY HAVE BETTER GRAPHICS AND CONTROLS AND IS MULTIPLAYER IT IS SO MUCH FUN AND BETTER THAN THIS SORRY EXUSE AND ALL OTHER SORRY EXCUSES OF TANK GAMES IN PLAYSTORE download if you want but you been warned if you dont like it
Andres Mota review Andres Mota
Great game
Can u add a in battle chat for all maps and players of all kind for five and can u add all types of guns to equip on the tanks for 2 ppl to drive add this in next update for 5 ⭐
clint davis jr review clint davis jr
Every time you all do updates game does not work right shot in a tank 15 x Direct hits no kills screen skips all over the place tank please stop updating if you're not going to fix it right