Iron Force APK reviews

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Enmanuel Mendez review Enmanuel Mendez
The Cuban Flag!
I am Cuban and my friends are Cuban too and we don't have our flags, plz chillingo put the Cuban flag. Thank u so much...and I will gave you a better rate. It is super lagg it kicked u out of the game u need to wait 30 min to play a game of 3 min. And it is super hard u have tier 3 and need to fight against tier 4 total bad I hated it. Don't installed it. And I can't leave my legion now
will thunder review will thunder
Insane Mismatches!!
DO NOT GET THIS GAME!! Tons of glitches. Insane mismatches. Seems to be Iron Force's way of trying to get real money. If you download this game, expect to be killed, in one shot, by people who buy "high-end“ tanks. Insaaaane mismatch fights, you will die in one shot. And that's when the game even works.
Tim Mccandless review Tim Mccandless
T McCandless
Can't connect at all since last maintenance work on Galaxy Note 4!Good game but it takes so long to upgrade tank without paying money.
gary nixon review gary nixon
This game is so mismatched I'm a colonel fighting Gen tier 5 tanks I have tier 3. Tank used to be great game before the hackers got of hold of it wow.
Brian Davis review Brian Davis
Great game. Addicting. But after this last up date, it will not load to my tablet. It stays stuck in loading. Fix it please.
angel ramos review angel ramos
Since the recent maintenance I can't even load the game any more... It's a great game but fix it to were I can play again
Anthony Law review Anthony Law
Deleted my legion after the last server maintenance, was no reason for much for playing this again...liked it till then,despite the major lagging, and high prices for a mediocre game, really $99.99 for a good upgrade pack, I can buy ps4& Xbox one games for better than that and they actually work.....
Todd James review Todd James
game was great but now that I've spent money on it to upgrade tanks and play you do some update that won't allow my game to open. Nice SCAM!!! DO NOT WASTE TIME OR MONEY!!!
Granny Beasley review Granny Beasley
Good game until.....
The last maintenance!! Now I can't even get back on to play. Game will not even open!! And if it weren't for all the hackers the game would be more fun. No-one likes to get killed with 1 shot, especially when you shoot them and they don't lose any HP!
Shäwn Thömas review Shäwn Thömas
Need help
After the sever maintenance when I launch the game it won't load and it just stays on the loading screen I tried uninstalling and it still just gets stuck, how do I fix this? I really like the game and want to keep playing
Eric Wright review Eric Wright
Yall eed to fix your games emidealty
First my legen doesn't exist yall haven't fixed that yet I just came out off a battle that 6 times in a row I should have colect ed cash I sat rite on top of it and steal didn't get it another tank comes from behind me and takes it you need to fix this and I want a response today
Shane Nelson review Shane Nelson
I DID like playing it.
The game was fun till the server was down all day on 9/13/15. Now the game will not load.
Will Peterson review Will Peterson
The game was down
Last night I tried to play the game, and it was down but then it showed me I could play but it started me over I'm glad I did not lose my data this morning I noticed it was back up thank you, you guys need to send an email or text I'll let us know when you going to do this we are in competition with other
Toolman 44092 review Toolman 44092
Don't Waste Your Time
Glitchy. Lags. They just want your money. When they do have a "sale" on something it's not much of an incentive. Takes forever to upgrade to anything nearly competitive unless you spend money. Enjoy getting blown up every 10 seconds if you want to play for free.
Tom Wyant review Tom Wyant
iron force
You guys have screwed up this game repeatably. It's getting harder and harder to stick with it. This latest update has us lagging so bad I'm about to delete the whole dang thing. Get your act together or that's exactly what I'll do. Here it is Sept. And your at it again. 3 LOL battles this weekend that I received the battle connection lost, without firing a shot. Now it's been down for server maintenance for how many hours? Am I going to be reimbursed for my gold medal and Armor decal? Let's hope so