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Tiered of far too same games, stories and experiences? Looking for something thrilling and unique? You’ve found it!

Welcome to The Island – place where there’s no time to be bored. Where two lost kids urgently need your help to survive. Where numerous hidden treasures are waiting for you to hunt for them. Where ancient Archipelagos pop up from nowhere to be explored. Where hundreds of quests, missions and puzzles makes you feel challenged every day. You’ll dig it.

But remember! – The Island has The Secret.

Island Experiment features:

♥ Help two lost kids survive on The Island
♥ Turn an abandoned beach into a flourishing farm
♥ Grow food, craft equipment, build a seaside city
♥ Explore the Island and its Heartland
♥ Hunt for hidden treasures
♥ Travel to ancient Archipelagos
♥ Reveal a mystery of a Pyramid
♥ Complete thrilling quests & challenging missions
♥ Gain unique rewards
♥ Collect lovable local pets
♥ Play with your friends and make new ones
And… have fun!

The game is free to play and addictive. Be careful!


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Aqdas Azam review Aqdas Azam
Its such an addictive game and i dont like games like these cause they're so much effort but this one is so much fun but after a couple of times i played this its suddenly doesnt load or it says that there isnt any internet connection when theres full bars please please please fix this i really want to carry on playing this game
summer mcintyre review summer mcintyre
It won't load up. It's fun when I play but run out of stuff too easy when just started.
Kirsty Brownlie review Kirsty Brownlie
Doesn't load up
Was looking forward to this game. Installed it. Pressed it to load up. Updated and then stuck at 30%. Not happy
vampkllr review vampkllr
I was really having fun
But now since the update it sticks at 40% and wont load. Fix it and ill put five stars
veress emoke19 review veress emoke19
What's going on ?
It doesn't load anymore. It stops at 20 % . What's going on ? I am happy I don't put money in this game or I would go crazy. It's loading very slow when it does load. But from 2 days I can't load at all. Not worth it now to play.
Dawn Hebert review Dawn Hebert
Why won't it load?
I love it but I need it to load. Ugh! Level 20 and it won't load anymore.
Kristyn Dozier review Kristyn Dozier
Island experiment
I've havent looked at the game yet but i looked at the pictures and i think i will like it
Charlene Gagnon review Charlene Gagnon
Island experiment but won't load no more please fix stops loading at twenty percent please fix
Please fix won't load stops at 20 percent
Running Circles review Running Circles
Took ages to install and once it did, I played it once and it wouldn't open again after that :/
Timmy Gough review Timmy Gough
Don't bother
If I could give no stars I would don't waste your time doesn't even load up
Sharon c review Sharon c
Fun game
Expensive game but interesting.
Melissa Egginton review Melissa Egginton
So far I'm loving the game but to many updates and adds
Felicia Woods review Felicia Woods
some great potential in this one
But I'm uninstalling because: if resources are so vital then it shouldn't be so easy to accidentally use them. The game provides a realistic feel of managing resources such as deciding exactly how to use your food rations in order to progress in quests- but I've just accidentally harvested grass for no reason for the last time. I can't take it anymore. Sorry guys, but I'm out.
Skye Summers review Skye Summers
Looong process and waiting periods for food and money. But very cute
Kesha Bowles review Kesha Bowles
It was fun but now it won't load pass 0%... it's just stuck there.