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Clifton Ryder review Clifton Ryder
First the support team absolutely rocks. Who ever designed this game deserves a pat on the back may as well throw in a substantial raise too. I enjoy this game. Very Well Done.
Joshua Cook review Joshua Cook
I'm pretty upset. I was playing Planet Moolah. While playin I hit the bonus. I won I little over a million credits and managed to win an additional 50 free spins when the screen turned black. I lost my credit winnings and my free spins. it was kinda a bummer. was 5 stars...now 3.
Bob Bentley review Bob Bentley
Worthless payouts. To high min bet. Money Hungy Gready designers want you to keep buying coins. Fools only should play to be parted from their money quickly
Jennifer Jones review Jennifer Jones
I do like the games but they do not give enough bonuses or big wins. When you spin, they tease you with them by rolling out 2 of the symbols like you're about to hit a bonus, then....no! The one game I hit big on was Star Trek, then they took it away. Please bring it back.
Richard Boyd review Richard Boyd
Three times on large wins it kicked me out. .then when I restarted the game. ..not only were my most recent winnings gone but so we're my old winnings gone!
Don't Bother. ..too bad though!
I only gave it 3 stars. It has authentic games yes but its really cheap. It has a free coins bonus that isn't enough for a spin and you gotta wait forever for it. When you collect gifts from friends each gift isn't enough for a spin. Kinda sucks you have to save up for a gambling experience on a game or actually purchase coins with money that you could just take to play the real thing.
dean rodrigues review dean rodrigues
Awesome App... Too bad a lot of the great slots are not available til unlocked after such high levels... PLEASE make it so we can choose which slots we want when we level up.... Thank you
Love this game...could use more bonus or more coins per 4 hours. Better bonuses are seeming to come YAYAY
Rose Couch review Rose Couch
Just started playing this game again after awhile. The payouts seem to be better. I wish all the games were unlocked, but it gives you something to work towards. I will see how it goes after awhile of playing on it.
The NiteCaller review The NiteCaller
Just started it seems likeitwillbe agoodslot. Payouts ha don't been great yet but like I saidjuststarted. Gracias are great.
Patti Dean review Patti Dean
Jackpot Party Wonderful graphics, great payouts. This should appeal to everyone! Good Luck to all...???
Fantastic app.! Great payouts, wonderful graphics, & regular Bonuses. This game is addicting. I love it, & everyone should try it. I play daily! Love this site. The best game EVER!! I cannot say enough about this site. One of a kind. Stellar! Jackpot Party continues to thrill! Just won nearly $2 million. Happiness!!! I am really loving the new games, & the higher payouts each 4 hrs?? Good Luck Players!! Fabulous 24/7!!
Love it's a far cry from any games we had down south lol. Great for these night I can't sleep.
Jed Shook review Jed Shook
This game lets you forget your stuck somewhere and can't go to vegas!
Willie Boy Cleveland review Willie Boy Cleveland
Full of fun
Takes a little to getting use to in each game

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