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Pamela Glendenning review Pamela Glendenning
Buying coins
How come your "bonus offer" is 14.99 for 50,000 coins when you can buy 25,000 for 4.99 or 100,000 for 9.99? Makes no sense! That's no "Bonus"
Sara Jean review Sara Jean
Addictive! But*****!
Has issues staying connected to internet. Have to reopen 3 times before it stays open and allows me to play. Sometimes freezes and kicks me out. Loss of bonus rounds and free spins. Annoying. Please fix!
Robert Gates review Robert Gates
I'm getting beyond sick of being told I must have internet. Outrageous data consumption.
Unlike other reviewers hitting bonuses isn't an issue. But lately the frequency of the "must have internet" bomb is a f**king joke, & so is the 30+ mb of data gobbled at level 192 to reload.. & NOT EVEN PLAY! An option to keep games we want & lose games that suck would be cool! What's not cool? Takes WAY too long to level up, no more Flip for Riches, 3x at MegaBonus time 9 times out of 10, 95% of spins lose! The casino that PAYS REAL $ has better odds! I sure as ? ain't paying to play for-fun only here!
Nick Valentino review Nick Valentino
Rip off scam alert...BBB reported!!!
Worse than the actual casino...Free game with the psychological deception and impression that you can win big...with the intent to deceive mostly individuals with gambling problems out of real money to play a supposedly"FREE" game.... Pass on this one!!!!!!!
Carolyn Robinson review Carolyn Robinson
Jackpot party I used to enjoy playing but you are greedy and ripping your customers off big time!! Im disappointed and letting my Facebook friends know that you are not worth the money! !! Do you even read your customers reviews? ? Looks to me like you have some unhappy customers! !!!
kimberley comans review kimberley comans
Cascade mountain
Save my points for weeks had over 4 millions dintnt get no pay back one lousy bonus that dintnt pay nothing then u want me to buy more coins ? Wath kind of stupid are ya plays no pay ...dumb ....sorry game and lousy pay back if it had a zero I rate it zero
Laura Allison review Laura Allison
Jungle Wild, Zeus, Sun and Moon, 50 Lions
No bonuses to speak of, very, very few wins. Reminds me of playing in the real casinos. It is really very boring to play with hardly any wins or bonuses
Julia Graham-Bailey review Julia Graham-Bailey
Amusing, like challenges to open locked slots. Love during holiday season all slots open to experience future play. Would like to see more chances to play bonus slots, Alice is amusing.
Chad Skinner review Chad Skinner
Its a game
You would think that a slot "game" would pay out more than an actual casino to keep it fun. F NO!! I win more often at a casino than this joke of a game. 4 hour bonuses are gone within seconds. And after that you get bombarded with buy more coins advertisements. Went through 2 BILLION coins in 10 minutes without hardly any big wins or bonuses. Don't waste your money on this pos app. Go waste it at the casino where you may actually have a chance on winning something.
Darlene Bowens review Darlene Bowens
Not enough bonuses and coins don't add correctly.
I have tried several times to launch the review game but loading is froze. Several times the coins won doesn't all go into my total.
Carrie Moore review Carrie Moore
I had won over 50k in bonus coins. My phone died. When it came back on the bonus I won was not there. I play this game and even purchase coins. They need to put them back. Just won again all coin gone. This time over 8000.. You need to fix. Lost all the coins I won.
karen urban review karen urban
Games are great..too bad There is zero customer service to help with problems.gyped out of over 3 million coins.took away the help icon.there is absolutely no way to contact them.they have no concern for their customers
Carolyn Crowther review Carolyn Crowther
Jackpot update
Cannot load game AGAIN. Dont you check before doing these updates? Totally unimpressed with your IT. Now feb 24. Program will not load. What is going on? Mar 4 where did my 60,000 go? One minute i have a big win, next i am supposedly not no longer connected. Finally get back into the program and it is gone! And ditto that comment today april 27 another big win disappears. Program cuts out and says its not connected to internet and win gone. June 1 cannot play, lost a bonus and game keeps saying you must have an internet connection. Is this another update gone wrong? today is aug 18 once again the program insists you must be connected to the internet to play. I AM CONNECTED! What is going on this time?
Amber Latimer review Amber Latimer
Ok so thanks for letting me win once and I finally got another game unlocked but it's the same thing. You get so close to getting bonus hen denied. Also please give a cheaper deal for buying coins. I don't wanna spend $10, I only wanna spend $5!! Ahhh! I finally am able to sign in with Facebook and now I gotta start all over!? BS!! I just got jackpot party unlocked!! Now it's gone!!
John Barela review John Barela
Game is cap now after update. Bonuses rare.
I work at a casino and play at th other local casino's. I like the Williams games, but this online version gives u no reason to want to purchase credits. U wait 4 hours for a few free credits and get to play for 30 seconds. You at least get to play for a bit at a casino, this online pays on the average 5 percent of your bet if anything at all. Only 1 bonus this week so far. 2 stars only because of having my favorite. Buying is dying. Too many video popups interrupt your play. Como on Williams, help us out.