Jigsaw puzzles: Countries 🌎 APK

<span >Jigsaw puzzles: Countries 🌎</span>

Jigsaw puzzles: Countries 🌎 APK reviews

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mellody lee brown review mellody lee brown
Love the dailey puzzle!
Brenda Morrell review Brenda Morrell
Sheri Sidebottom review Sheri Sidebottom
Love jigsaws
John Leakey review John Leakey
I love puzzles a lot
Julie Horning review Julie Horning
It was wonderful until this lastest update on 9/2 it sucks
M C review M C
Like this app. Only thing wrong is that it freezes every time an ad covers the whole screen. You have to go out of it and go back in and then it works. Very annoying. Other than that it's fun.
Cynthia Nedwards review Cynthia Nedwards
The game is very entertaining and relaxing.
love it
Sienna Abriani review Sienna Abriani
Its so cool !!!! But there is a thing thats come up and a bit mad
Apryl Preusser review Apryl Preusser
Love this puzzle app!!!
Janelle Webster review Janelle Webster
Great for all ages. Very addictive
keviyanna Davis review keviyanna Davis
Love it
Edwine Kearney review Edwine Kearney
You can only chose the puzzle pieces they offer you
Suzanne Alfaro review Suzanne Alfaro
Its addicting
TJ D review TJ D
I like the puzzles pics. Not a fan of the odd shaped pieces. Also the pieces sometimes refuse to move, or if you put a piece back in the tray, it flies up and covers the menu button. I also don't like that you can rotate the whole puzzle. Would like an option to lock it in place.