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The creators of the hit game, Cookie Jam, present a juicy new match 3 puzzle game with bushels of fruity challenges! Join Kiwi, Mango, and the rest of the Juice Jam gang as you travel through hundreds of new worlds. Embark on this fruity adventure today!

◆ Hundreds of juicy levels!
◆ Brand new power-ups and ways to play!
◆ Jam fruit to concoct sweet treats!
◆ Swap and blast your way through ever expanding new worlds!
◆ Check back often for events, free rewards and new levels!
◆ Free and filled with adventure!

Join us in Juicetopia as Kiwi and Mango tour whimsical lands serving juice to thirsty customers! With a cast of quirky characters, a richly detailed world and addictive match-3 gameplay, Juice Jam is sure to satisfy!

LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/JuiceJamGame
FOLLOW: https://twitter.com/juicejamgame
LEARN: www.juicejam.com

DEVELOPER INFO: Jam City is the leading developer in truly cross-platform social gaming! Check out our other free match 3 puzzle games! You'll love to swap, match, and crunch through ever expanding levels and events. Check back often to see all the new candy, cake, and sweet treats that we've added! You'll love to crush through each sweet puzzle. Begin your adventure on this free match three puzzle game today!

Juice Jam APK reviews

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veggieeater review veggieeater
This would be an awesome game if it would just STOP crashing all the dain time. Sometimes when I open the game, it will load, and then stop working. I'd open it again, manage to get to the main screen, it'd crash again. A lot of times when I finish a level, it crashes. I have Sprint LG Android if that helps.
Mariette Erwee review Mariette Erwee
Games are supposed to be fun. The customers stressing when I have only three moves left and then staring at me with teary eyes when I could not make their orders on time is too much pressure!! And some levels are really tricky to finish. I'm gonna look for a game that is more chilled.
Demetra Johnson review Demetra Johnson
Juice jam
It's a terrific game, & very FUN ! It keeps u GOING & GOING ! I LOVE IT ! ? ? ? ! The lill animals b havn me n tears"?" WHEN UR DWN TO YA LAST COUPLE OF MOVES & DON'T CLEAR IT, THEY B HOT"?" ! Thts so FUNNY to ME ! Id's a wonderful game.
Sphiwokuhle Sikhakhane review Sphiwokuhle Sikhakhane
Juice Jam is le very good and enjoyable game but it's bad when you try to play it then it exits itself or wouldn't load you in.. . Please fix this issue
Teri Hariston review Teri Hariston
It's a good game..until it started freezing. Uninstalled!!!!
Joyce Skog review Joyce Skog
Juice Jam
Fantastic game but when I invite friends it says I have already and can't again til tomorrow but I didn't invite anyone at anytime
Stephen Walker review Stephen Walker
I finally experienced my unlimited lives for 21 hrs opportunity and that helped me to pass several levels. Like someone stated before, the downfall of this game is the sensitivity. You move one way and sometimes it goes another way, totally messing the game up. If you can offer more unlimited time moments, that would be great.
eleanor eckert review eleanor eckert
Juice jam
Fun game but seems to not always creditor for the ones I actually click on. Can be addictive if you let it.
tiffaney gray review tiffaney gray
I have been trying to play this for two days and I have yet to play one level because it crashes. Don't recommend this game to anyone!
Rachel Brazell review Rachel Brazell
Juicy Jam rating
I like the game but sometimes in the orders levels seems like I get enough orders then out pops another order. Frustrating
Regina Zehnder review Regina Zehnder
Great fun
A bit too addicting. Helps though, that game is limited to 5 lifes that regain after 30min each.
Tracy Nash review Tracy Nash
Really enjoy this game, BUT, every once in a while, I have to uninstall then re-install to make it work. DO NOT like having to do that.
Ann Flores review Ann Flores
I love this game lots of fun and entertaining. The time goes by very quickly while playing this exciting game, recommend to everyonr
Ayoka Foster review Ayoka Foster
Freezes up
I would give it 5 stars but I can't go past level one... It freezes up then closes down on me
Nicola Mcintyre review Nicola Mcintyre
Juice Jam
Its gr8t cos its hard and furstating but it drives you on to try and pass the levels however i would love it even more if you could send more than one life a day and if you are stuck on a level for ages like a good few weeks than it would be good if you could skip that level ÷)

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