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Ketchapp Summer Sports
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Dreaming of becoming a star of the Summer Sports? Well, now you can!

Ketchapp Summer Sports is a fun arcade game to compete with your friends and worldwide.

Collect coins to unlock new items. Improve your timing and reaction skills to perfect your results.

Are you up for the ultimate challenge? Beat the world records!

Ketchapp Summer Sports APK reviews

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Heyy It's Lorin! review Heyy It's Lorin!
The game Is okay. It would be great if the game didn't lag. Sometimes the game would get choppy in certain areas and make it hard for you to play the game correctly. Other than that, the game can get addicting. It would just be a lot more fun if the glitch wasn't there... and if they added swimming to the mix 🏊
A Google user review A Google user
This app is really good and it's a great game to pass time . I love the different sports you can try and how you can dress your player how you want. I also liked that when you get a certain amount of points, you play a sort of mini-game called: Gold Rush Time and you get to collect lots of coins. The one thing this game could improve on is that there could be more sports to play. My overall review is I love the game and it's very addictive.
Nihila Sathish review Nihila Sathish
Really great. Tests your reflex and timing. It is time to add new sports like swimming like others are suggesting. And a new option to play each event specifically. And I want a landscape option. Everyone needs to grow up. Even games.
Kylie Christenson review Kylie Christenson
Everytime I try to play, my game lags terribly. You can't have lag with a game like this..
marvin warden review marvin warden
Great game. I experience lag whenever an ad pops up though. Which sucks when I'm chasing world records lol.
Zoe Heaton review Zoe Heaton
It was good for a little while but then I got to a level that I just couldn't complete. I kept failing at the same point and I couldn't figure out why. I'm pretty sure I timed everything correctly but it kept saying I missed it
The Cute Rebellion review The Cute Rebellion
It's fun and kinda addictive and all that but maybe add some more events. Just sayin but cycling is SO HARD!!!
Harmony Sphynx review Harmony Sphynx
This game is very recommend to pass time. If your looking to see some reviews, this app is awesome! Used hand eye coordination and is great for young kids, like myself. I hope this helped you. One thing I would improve would be an update with more sports like swimming and pole vaulting
【Quality Crystal's Productions • INC TM】 review 【Quality Crystal's Productions • INC TM】
How "low-budget" was this app? So many ads in a person's face and is forced to buy the stupid no ads option, since that's the only way all the lazy designers get payed. Rushed games like these are just lazy. -Too simple -Too boring -Non stop ads -Constantly trying to force you to buy no ads. What is the point? Almost all your games get so boring to the point where nobody cares anymore.
Elijah Swai review Elijah Swai
It's really good. If only ketchapp could add more things other than: running, javelin and jumping
Cooly COOLY review Cooly COOLY
GAME REVIEW: A very good and adicting game like the graphics like everything the amount of sports in the game but a little why dont u do multiplyer servers i really did not like the idea of facebook beacause its not really open so u play with everyone and not everyone has facebook just make open servers online anyway really liked the game.
Blizbliz Plays review Blizbliz Plays
10 year olds saying that there's too many ads. That's how they make money.... good game
HoldenPlayZ review HoldenPlayZ
Lol. I saw that alot of people were playing this. It was until I went into the app store and searched up this game I found out it was my favorite game creator.
Ember 47 review Ember 47
I'm really confused here. I feel like I'm being stupid; I can't find out how to play other sports. For some reason I can only do the hurdles and there seems to be no option to play a different one although I know you can. Plz help:D
Aurora Hammerstedt review Aurora Hammerstedt
Honestly I think this game is fun and cool and amazing, but it does get a little bit boring if you play it for a long time because it is the same 5 ( I think) sports repeating over and over