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Ketchapp Summer Sports
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Dreaming of becoming a star of the Summer Sports? Well, now you can!

Ketchapp Summer Sports is a fun arcade game to compete with your friends and worldwide.

Collect coins to unlock new items. Improve your timing and reaction skills to perfect your results.

Are you up for the ultimate challenge? Beat the world records!

Ketchapp Summer Sports APK reviews

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Alireza Jafari review Alireza Jafari
Awsome game
Great idea ketchapp like always
Justinas Jazauskas review Justinas Jazauskas
So cool!!
Perfect game for quick adrenaline filled gaming breaks! This little gem really made my summer vacation much more fun;)
Julie Windsor review Julie Windsor
Love it!
This is a great little game! It reminds me of the Track & Field game I had on my original NES system back in the early 90s. It'd be good to be able to replay some of the attempts when you fail them though.
Very good
A pretty good game. I like it lots and can't stop playing it. The only thing wrong with it is you can't stop!
Isobel Blatchley review Isobel Blatchley
Brill but....
Sooooo good but when I want to do long jump it won't let me boost so I just fall over.??
trapr00t review trapr00t
I just need to get all funny skins! ^_^
Kitanna Frame review Kitanna Frame
Summer Sports Review
This is so cool! It has biking, hurdle jumping, running, and pole throw. They have boosts that speed you up and little road things that you can tap and hold then release, even speeds you up. Maybe swimming could be added to this and swimsuits. I found this while playing Pineapple Pen, made by Ketchapp as well, and they are both amazing games! Go play it if you haven't yet.
Devon Malonson review Devon Malonson
There is just something about every game this developer makes that is beautiful. The games are simple yet very challenging. The devs don't try to overwhelm you with bells and whistles. They have found a niche in their games that work and they stick with it. This game is a blast to play and couldn't put it down once I installed it. Great job!
Zach Hojz review Zach Hojz
Ketchapp Summer Sports Honest Review
This game is undeniably good and addictive, involving tapping the screen at the perfect time to ace several sporting events. The theme and idea is great, and when they make a Summer Sports 2 (probably next summer) then they have a great starting point. However, if I was to criticise the app, I would ask for a bigger, more advanced main menu, as then there may be some form of choice as to your favoured sport, and possibly to add more sports, like swimming and/or relay racing. However, a great app. ?
Gaming Construct review Gaming Construct
Didn't receive coins
This firm make amazingly addictive competitive games. But! I tried to purchase coins in this game and the game crashed and I didn't receive the coins I paid for. Sent an email to support 2 days ago and still haven't heard back from you. I will give a 5 star rating once I get a reply.
Jane Hardy review Jane Hardy
Love it!
Good game so fun so easy! Challenges so fun and cool! Addicted to this game. Biking, jumping, running and more! As you get rewards you can get new clothes and people. Love this game, give this game a good reward and leave a great comment! Mood: ? when I play this game!
Ben McAdams review Ben McAdams
Good but bull
Would love a replay option because I feel that some the misses are dodgy and would like to see what I did wrong so I can improve. Otherwise quite fun and addictive though some games are a hell of a lot trickier than others.
Can't have enough~ ; )
It's fun and kinda addictive and all that but maybe add some more events. Just sayin but cycling is SO HARD!!!
Molly Moore review Molly Moore
Love it
I am the world record holder for javelin and I have had this game for about 2 months. It's brilliant so addictive and good for entertaining yourself in long car journeys
Louiegie Uy review Louiegie Uy
Good but..
Ads ruins my game it make my cp lagg when ads want to pop up.. cant make a new record remove ads plss