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Great news: Kik is here to stay! We'll have more to share soon but we're excited for what's ahead!

Get connected.

Kik is way more than just messaging. It's the easiest way to connect with your friends, stay in the loop, and explore – all through chat. No phone numbers, just pick a username.

• Choose who to chat with one-on-one and in groups
• Share pics, videos, gifs, games, and more
• Meet new friends with similar interests

Get on Kik now. Start chatting!

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Jaquan McMillan review Jaquan McMillan
You can't send pictures for 24 hours and I feel like the owner of the group should be able to change that limit to a shorter time or take it off completely.
Reem Al Suwaidi review Reem Al Suwaidi
* A Call for Help * I'm trying to reset my password and putting up my password. But no detection at all as if the wifi has been cut off (tried with multiple different wifi LANS but still not working and gives me an error message to connect my device. Please fix this issue (Ive been very comfortable with this app for years), I hope my message reaches you and thanks very much ??
D1390 Gaming review D1390 Gaming
Group chat issue
I really love the kik app but I've experienced an issue a lot of people can relate to when you try and leave a group chat but they can invite you back just like that you really need to make it an option to choose to accept or deny to be in one cause even if you block then they still can invite you it's such an easy fix so please fix it
Olivia Davis review Olivia Davis
It takes about 20 minutes for it to send a message and when it says Delivered the D is all faded. Oh and don't blame the 'robot'. Please fix it because I won't be able to text my friend any more because I have a phone and she has a tablet.
Rasean Hyligar review Rasean Hyligar
I love this app but
I don't know what happened but every time I type anything, it automatically sends the message whether it's a letter or a whole word i swyped. On top of that, everytime I leave a chat and try to go to any other chat, it will automatically go back to the chat I already left. I have no idea what's going on. I even tried re-installing to no avail.
Stephanie Farah review Stephanie Farah
I liked Kik until yesterday all my chats were not going through and i tried to log out log on but it didnt go through. I uninstalled and installed again many times did not work at all. Im so disappointed i lost my contacts my my group chat as well. I sent email to the support team only automatic reply i got. Please Kik if you read this pls help me :(
Miranda Carter review Miranda Carter
Takes up space. Turns on to run down my battery but I didnt open it. Uninstalling again. Never reinstalling. Don't waste your time
Bianca Padilla review Bianca Padilla
Annoying bots
They fixed the spam problem when you get "free" gift cards from random people, but DO NOT INTERACT WITH THE KIK BOTS. There is no way to get out of chats, you can constantly block them but they will still send you annoying messages. Clipdisbot has made me consider uninstalling or make a new account. Save yourself from the headache.
Christine Dunham review Christine Dunham
App will not open... Everytime an update for this app is released I download it in hope that this issue is fixed. I've had this problem for a long time now, please fix this. This was a lovely app until all these issues came up.
waqas pathan review waqas pathan
Very clean and usable
Very minimalistic, sleek and especially fast messaging app. Wanted to recommend something you could add to the app which would be a nice feature. For those group chats some people are in that talk to much, you probably mute them right but once in are while they'll mention your name but you wouldn't know cause the chats muted. So you could add a 'keyword' function where it basically notifies you whenever your name is mentioned in a chat. Thank you and keep up the great work!
John Marcel review John Marcel
It was cool when they had the Google search part and Chat Now. And the rest of the little connections are a little dull. And the thing where if you want to join a group you got to search it, but now you have to find somebody in a group with something you're interested in, so like if you start a group nobody can join if they don't know you
Harshil Kikani review Harshil Kikani
HORRIBLE design with no material design or animations.
Please go full material design with this app, including animations. The current design is so outdated and goes back all the way to gingerbread. Also please change the logo, it has been the same one for way too long. There needs to be a way to log out as well, instead of resetting Kik. Thank you. :)
Collin Garrison review Collin Garrison
Broken and buggy
When I first installed, I tried to sign into my account. The app gave me a capatcha like I wasn't human, and then loaded something ( I don't know what) and stayed stuck on an old style android loading screen, indefinitely. Can't even use. Incredibly broken.
Depressed Bandlover /.\ review Depressed Bandlover /.\
Bored ??
Please just add some new stuff change the style or something I'm just bored of it. I want new chat bubbles or like just a whole new look for it. Its just boring to look at it and I use it all the time. I keep waiting for a huge update that will change it a lot, but it never comes!
Dakota Klein review Dakota Klein
It needs to have a longer message history, so i can go back back and read someold posts... with too many people i can't keep track of long conversations, and would really, really, really, like to be able to do so..... You should at least be able to keep conversations for a month before deleting old messages as new messages come in...... Please