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Get connected.

Kik is way more than just messaging. It’s the easiest way to connect with your friends, stay in the loop, and explore – all through chat. No phone numbers, just pick a username.

• Choose who to chat with one-on-one and in groups
• Share pics, videos, gifs, games, and more
• Meet new friends with similar interests

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Michael Silvera review Michael Silvera
Great app.
Use it to communicate with a couple of friends and its my to go app to SMS with my girlfriend when I'm not with her. This app is a teen app, its for everyone. What your kids do is up to you all to monitor, don't blame the app. One thing, consider adding some sort of calling ability. That would step u up from the competitors 'hangouts, whattsapp.'
Chase Silversmith review Chase Silversmith
Its bad when kik team doesn't answer
Excuse me, I have a suggestion, why not let the person scan a Kik code on their own device?say you sent one one Facebook, how would a person be able to use that if they don't have a computer to scan it from?I reccomend this highly, thank you
Jehoshua Sanchez review Jehoshua Sanchez
Needs fix few problems
When i receive photos i can't open the photo. I can't share my kik code. Model: Coolpad Quattro II 4G LTE
Omar Rivas review Omar Rivas
Hey you ;)
Hey i'm a male. I'm a pretty built guy and many consider me very good looking. I wanna chat with you cute girls. I will do any chat, but preferably dirty (; if you gorgeous girls are willing to get dirty with me that'd be just perfect. Hope to talk to you later. Bye ❤ ;) Kik @ilovethemcutegirlz you won't regret it.
James Hunter review James Hunter
When you log in the messages should stay.
Jonah Lewis review Jonah Lewis
Suggestion for your excellent app.
I love kik, it works much better for me than most messengers. Is there any possible way you could try to make chat bubbles like Facebook messenger? It's very convenient, but I hate Facebook messenger. You guys are doing great, keep it up.
Mikala Hutchinson review Mikala Hutchinson
To the overbearing parents
If you seriously think this is for adults you're an idiot, this is for teens. It was designed for teens, not adults. Stop controlling what your teen does all the time, give them space. Don't control their apps. Just be there for them and support them.
Aisha Boyd review Aisha Boyd
Password trouble
Once again Kik is an amazing coo app....But I had a friend if my Kik in my old Kik which I can't remember the pass word to..Kik should get more options for resetting the password like (Phone number)Anything beside email cause my email ...Fix immediately plz & thank u?
Anaya Harry review Anaya Harry
Its great actually but there are random people who keep texting me saying I won a coupon even though its fake and I can't block them cause they log out and create a new one every time plz help. Besides that everything is great ?
Z'Nyk Angela Van Dame review Z'Nyk Angela Van Dame
Useless updates
The app is updating on stupid stuffs nobody asked for. Why not listen us for a change? This app use to be simple but now it's turning to garbage....
Valerie Morales review Valerie Morales
Like it but needs more fixing lol and I wish I could change the background its gray and boring it should be upgraded lol!!! :-)
Zach Williams review Zach Williams
Just saying
You guys should make it wear you need no WiFi to use kik
Shoaib Akhter review Shoaib Akhter
Help me pls
How I can scan Kik code just explane correctly and pls help me help me pls I can't understand that pls and where is Kik code and how I can show it pls help !e
A Google User review A Google User
Kik me - thehandle102 - I'm a guy from the UK looking for a bit of naughty fun, on here or snapchat. Any UK girls on here? Hit me up girls any age ;) NO GUYS OR FAKES!
Appollos Sealey review Appollos Sealey
I never had a problem with this app until it started freezing and making the screen go black and saying kik has stopped. I can't add any of my friends because it will go black and take me back to the menu I like kik but until it's fixed I will be deleting it. Also why can't I log out without losing all my contacts? Please fix this