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Kill Shot Bravo
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Welcome to the #1 FPS experience for mobile phones and tablets!
Arm yourself with deadly assassin sniper weapons, assault rifles, machine guns and the latest military gear to complete covert combat missions deep inside enemy territory!

Trained as a Special Forces soldier you will navigate secret missions across the globe, eliminating hostile forces that stand in the way of a peaceful world.

• From guerrilla combat in jungle mountain ranges, to recon missions on Mediterranean islands, you’ll travel the world in search of terror threats.
• Commandeer vehicles to turn the tide of battle! Navigate close quarter combat down narrow alleys in the back of a jeep, or take out hostile threats by air in hazardous helicopter missions!
• Complete breach missions to enter occupied buildings and clear them of any threat! Survive a full on enemy attack in multiplayer assault missions and outshoot your opponent.
• Move through environments to find the best sniper vantage points and take the all-important Kill Shot!

Visit more classified locations in your hunt to eliminate enemy threats. You are the frontline of battlefield defense against the most dangerous threats to world security!

• Encounter different enemy types each with their own strengths and combat objectives.
• Seek out and neutralize Flying Drones, Exo-Suit Soldiers, Mechs, Heavy Gunners, Enemy RPGs, Marksmen, Riflemen, and Commando Bombers.

• Test your skill against other real snipers in live ranked Player Verses Player matches in PVP mode!
• Be the hunter before you are the hunted!
• Use your heat meter to zone in on the enemy threat.
• Find your target. Take aim. Fire!

• This time you won't be fighting alone! Build powerful alliances with other players and help each other to be successful completing the high risk missions.
• Discover and kill enemies with bounties on their heads before they can escape!
• Friends can join you on missions, spotting the targets and assisting you to terminate enemies.
• Full Chat function in game to allow tactical discussions with other players.

• Customize your avatar and get Perks to help in the battle!
• Unlock and equip cool Gear, including helmets, uniforms, body armor, goggles, facemasks, gloves, boots, and more.
• Get a fresh Kill Shot moment with every victory! Now YOU get to control the Kill Shot camera as the final round zooms towards its target for the ultimate hit!

• Compete for high scores alone or with your Alliance against opposing Alliances.
• Earn Achievements for showing off your deadly sniper skills.
• Take on weekly Quests to win additional prizes and achievements

©2016 Hothead Games Inc., Hothead, and Kill Shot are trademarks or registered trademarks of Hothead Games Inc., all rights reserved.

Kill Shot Bravo APK reviews

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Sonny Black718 review Sonny Black718
Good graphic. The slow motion and you can turn the angles to see how you hit the target is great. The load up is slow or delayed... But overall good stuff. NYC here!
Malik Abdur-Razzaq review Malik Abdur-Razzaq
Great graphics. Choice of player identities, uniforms and many great weapons. Ability to join teams/alliances. Im not crazy about the amount of in game purchases needed to advance. But c'est la vie. . .also prone to random crashing. Have had to delete cache, uninstall and restore a few times. Unlike any other handheld shooter I have played!
Joao Moreira review Joao Moreira
Awesome game love it I highly recommend it
Enzo Masella review Enzo Masella
Papa Stallion
Iv been hooked to this game for two years and counting but now I'm really frustrated that it shuts down and I have to reload from the beginning. Please fix this problem immediately or your customers will leave from the game. Over all its a excellent game. This game never had this problem until recently. Technicians please fix this problem because it's not my cell phone and my other games work fine. The game is the problem here. Kill bravo get on this matter and fix the problem.
Caleb Joiner review Caleb Joiner
I started the game and went to play and the tutorial is just all black with a few lights and yellow mist. I managed to pass the first lvl after searching for 23 minutes. I wanted to try to pass it to make sure it wasn't all the lvls but yes it is
The BidayuhMan review The BidayuhMan
In the last week, there has been 2 upgrades/updates. Great Sniping game but i have found a similar equal, only that one has to pay for it. But keep up the good word Hothead!
Bloody addictive, its the first game that i have ever spent money on..its that entertaining!
Jay Ellard review Jay Ellard
lets me sign up for offers and doesn't give u gold
4 different accounts I signed up for things expected gold an got fk all. I just read reviews an am not the only one who has been robbed
ezra milshtein review ezra milshtein
Why is it so hard to upgrade my weapon with bucks and acquire gold because you jews wana get paid and im not being racist look at my name. but seriously atleast give us gold for getting achievements or multiple headshots or when u rank up or get a 3+ plus kill streak in PVP i know the game is free but u get paid from all those advertisements so F off Otherwise i love the game its mad fun
David Turner review David Turner
Top weapons price and upgrades is out if control. Some game play and events are confusing better explanation documents are needed
Russell Clancy review Russell Clancy
More money
So once again, unless you start paying real money, thecgame gets very difficult to play, talk about double dipping 1, make money from ads 2, make money ftom players UNINSTALLED
Buck Rogers review Buck Rogers
A little difficult at first because of scope control, very sensitive. Once you play awhile, it gets a bit easier !
Larry Johnson review Larry Johnson
Worst part of game is black screens ....a glitch where absolutely zero graphics work and your character is always killed...basically a waste of energy/stamina...have to quit app and restart app
J Garcia review J Garcia
Great game but why can't we position our snipers where we want to in sniper duel? I say this because some places where my snipers are placed are dead give aways.
Gary jr review Gary jr
Dear Hothead Inc.
This is the hottest game in the play store. I got the HH Legend Shotgun in two pulls when it first came out. People who buy crates need to realize it's a lottery not everyone is going to win. Just do offers in Tapjoy exactly as the instructions state they should come. I would just love it if you could give level 15 and up players a 500 gold weekly bonus for their loyalty playing this awesome game you have created the alliance has spoken thank you for listening and please consider this request.
Mike Byczynski review Mike Byczynski
Would be Awesome If... It Didn't Crash Every Single Time You Open The Game!!!
Plus Its Completely Unfair for ppl like me who Can't just spend all of their money to buy the best Weapons & Gear! So we'll never be able to compete with the ppl who can!! It should be more like The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. At Least They have Weapon Tokens that You Do Not Have to Buy, you can earn them. The game Would be Awesome if it Wasn't so Profit Oriented and was easier to earn gold or maybe Drop the Prices to make it More Fair for ppl like myself who can't just Buy Everything!!