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Why did he become the seeker of darkness?

You know of Master Xehanort as the villain of Kingdom Hearts, but just why did he become the seeker of darkness?

In this new story, you will uncover his secrets as you step into the role of Xehanort to follow his life as a young aspiring Keyblade wielder in the distant land of Scala ad Caelum.

- Arm yourself with a deck of 30 cards and engage in thrilling, strategic battles that test your skill and reflexes!
- A refined and streamlined leveling system lets you grow stronger even in auto-mode!
- Defeat your enemies and uncover the secrets of Xehanort's past!

Enjoy intuitive and strategic combat as you tap and flick to victory and master the abilities of your cards! Level up hands-free with auto-mode battles, and then go all out in intense boss battles as you unlock new stories, missions, and complete your collection!

Adventure across Disney worlds in a story all your own

The KINGDOM HEARTS story begins here.
Become the hero of your own tale as you adventure across beloved worlds and experience a story like none other!

- Fight alongside an all-star cast of Disney and FINAL FANTASY characters!
- Play solo or with up to 6 friends in real-time multiplayer quests!
- Express yourself with customizable avatars!

Tap and swipe to execute mighty attacks!
Equip character Medals featuring beloved characters to call on their strength in battle!
Customize your equipment and find new strategies to overcome fierce enemies!

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Brandon Johnson review Brandon Johnson
Im at the end of the game but all of the new ademantie challenges are litterly impossible. at least the one where you have to fight cerberus and he has 6 health bars and you want us to beat it in one turn. its insane ridiculous. i think it needs to be fixed to actually give people a chance. think about that stuff next time.
Lizzy Scott review Lizzy Scott
The only thing that this game and the actual play station kingdom hearts game have in common are the sound effects and the heartless. You can't go travel around by yourself, there's only quests and each one is kill a heartless, then you go to the next one, and each quest takes about a minute to complete. It's not worth your time.
Nathaly R review Nathaly R
won't open
since the update the game immediately crashes upon open, the problem seems to be I have it on adoptable storage/SD card (though apparently having android 6.0 isn't helping either) but I don't have any room on my phone to put it on internal my account isn't linked to my fb account so I can't reinstall to see if that work and I've out a lot of time into this account to simply lose it all because it's decided it doesn't want to support my SD card please fix this
adam oconnor review adam oconnor
Great game, huge file size
The game is great, a draw back being that you can't get everything which annoys me to be honest. The main draw back is how big the actual game file size is, its over 1gb
Mitchell Fox review Mitchell Fox
No longer running
Most recent update has broken game for my device. Error 504 on reinstall. Samsung Galexy S5 using adoptable storage.
I love this game. Strategy, adventure, and story (once you get far enough) are all great! Although it is a little pay to win, and they keep coming out with new medals (attacks) that are infinitely better than your current ones. This can get discurraging, because your hard work doesn't really mean much in the long run. I played for 6 month when a friend got super lucky getting a medal that made him more powerful than me on his 1st week playing.
Ashton Linch review Ashton Linch
Please consider making this a steam game, like they did for fallout shelter and mobius final Fantasy. I'd would really enjoy it even more then I already do. And it would give you a much bigger fan base.
Kay Unsay review Kay Unsay
I tried to pull illustrated kairi twice in the current deal however I didn't even get one. It was already my 5th and 6th draw which I thought that in the 5th draw I'll be able to get one. I was able to get one in the previous deal but this returning deal just lost my hope & money as well. Pfft! I'll give this game a 5star again if ever I get the deal that it is supposed to be.
Adam Sparks review Adam Sparks
I am SO sick and tired of doing the Coliseum and it ends up being 10 times more difficult than regular quests. I'm tier 14+ and can barely maintain to try to get the Second Chance III skill medal. ?
GhosteroyXSS review GhosteroyXSS
This a very good game, but there are a few minor ( or big ) flaws. First of all, the cost of AP to play quests is outrageous, there are only a few quests that gives jewels without much objectives, the game is based on the amount of damage u do ( which is not very helpful considering strong medals require either an outrageous amount of jewels, or quests with strong enemies ). In the future, can u guys at least change the quests where every one of them gives a reasonable amount of jewels, less AP or speed up AP recovery, add more hp boards, change the guaranteed within 20 pulls to 2-5 for the amount of jewels u can get at a time and the amount of time the event ends, it is quite based on luck. This is just based on my experience and opinion of the game, and I may edit this if I come across any more problems. Thank you for reading this, but overall, the game is astoundingly brilliant, with a good storyline. ( I feel like I'm using too many vocab words even though I'm not that mature XD)
Jesse Hylton review Jesse Hylton
I think the game is good and repetitive motion is needed to keep it going everyday. But the repetition does zap energy out of enthusiastic party members more creative ways for member communication and plan raids may help. The app's time is nowhere to be referenced easily very challenging to plan raids with people around the world
Caleb Moretti review Caleb Moretti
Can't play
I cleared out my phone to reach the space requirements and the app still will not finish downloading and gives me a "save error". FIX THIS!!! I will hate your guts until then.
Gregg Robison review Gregg Robison
Can't get passed loading screen
recently I've tried to boot up the game and after the title screen it's just a perpetual black loading screen. I haven't missed a day of logging in yet. I don't want my streak ruined. fix please?
Scott Kelsey review Scott Kelsey
This game requires an additional download after installing. Google Play Games says it's about 700 mb. It's over twice that. And apparently, you can only play the game over the network you installed it through, so if you use the wi-fi at your local library to download the game, that's the only place you'll be able to play it. Otherwise, you get a server error message. This second issue NEEDS to be fixed.
Nocandosvillebabydoll review Nocandosvillebabydoll
Download Error
I also can't get past the download, says no space. I cleared space. Please fix I want to play!