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Adventure across Disney’s magical and wondrous worlds in the first mobile app for the beloved KINGDOM HEARTS series!

Adventure across Disney worlds!
The KINGDOM HEARTS story begins here!
Meet faces both familiar and new as you become the hero of your very own tale!

Fight alongside an all-star cast!
Tap and swipe to execute mighty attacks!
Equip character Medals featuring beloved Disney and FINAL FANTASY characters to call on their strength in battle!
Customize your equipment and find new strategies to overcome fierce enemies!

Many ways to play! Play with up to 6 friends in real-time multiplayer quests!
Cooperate with friends to explore stages and tackle fearsome foes!
Unlock the Coliseum by playing through the story quests and compete against others to climb the ranks!

Express yourself with customizable avatars!
An ever-growing selection of parts lets you make your very own avatar!
Let your creativity run free as you choose from seasonal, event, and character-themed avatar parts to put together a unique look!

KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] APK reviews

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Brandon Johnson review Brandon Johnson
Im at the end of the game but all of the new ademantie challenges are litterly impossible. at least the one where you have to fight cerberus and he has 6 health bars and you want us to beat it in one turn. its insane ridiculous. i think it needs to be fixed to actually give people a chance. think about that stuff next time.
Lizzy Scott review Lizzy Scott
The only thing that this game and the actual play station kingdom hearts game have in common are the sound effects and the heartless. You can't go travel around by yourself, there's only quests and each one is kill a heartless, then you go to the next one, and each quest takes about a minute to complete. It's not worth your time.
Nathaly R review Nathaly R
won't open
since the update the game immediately crashes upon open, the problem seems to be I have it on adoptable storage/SD card (though apparently having android 6.0 isn't helping either) but I don't have any room on my phone to put it on internal my account isn't linked to my fb account so I can't reinstall to see if that work and I've out a lot of time into this account to simply lose it all because it's decided it doesn't want to support my SD card please fix this
adam oconnor review adam oconnor
Great game, huge file size
The game is great, a draw back being that you can't get everything which annoys me to be honest. The main draw back is how big the actual game file size is, its over 1gb
Mitchell Fox review Mitchell Fox
No longer running
Most recent update has broken game for my device. Error 504 on reinstall. Samsung Galexy S5 using adoptable storage.
Jonathan Gibson Jr review Jonathan Gibson Jr
Absolutely amazing. The controls are perfect for an phone game. The new update bringing Google Play Achievements is least I think it is but it hasn't allowed me to sign in yet.
Luke Kim review Luke Kim
I love the game but I updated last night. This morning the game keeps on crashing. It wont let me go past the 1st second of the intro. Is this a problem that is reoccuring across all games or just mine. This has never happened before. Please advise. Thanks.
Asprille is new! review Asprille is new!
I think this game was fun, although you did have to wait for it to download and there were 8 download parts. It would probably take a few hours to download all 8 parts and I didn't want to wait that long, so I uninstalled the game. If I didn't have to wait a few hours I would have given it 5 stars and continued playing it.
irisheyes794 review irisheyes794
Really fun mobile game that I've played waaaay too long. Conteols can get a bit annoying when you do a multi attack instead of a special, but other than that it works fine, looks great, and is exceptionally addictive.
Abigail Gonzalez review Abigail Gonzalez
As a fan of the Kingdom Hearts series. I found this to be really fun game that incorporates all of the characters viewed in each game. The combat system is fine for a handheld version
Caleb Moretti review Caleb Moretti
Can't play
I cleared out my phone to reach the space requirements and the app still will not finish downloading and gives me a "save error". FIX THIS!!! I will hate your guts until then.
Gregg Robison review Gregg Robison
Can't get passed loading screen
recently I've tried to boot up the game and after the title screen it's just a perpetual black loading screen. I haven't missed a day of logging in yet. I don't want my streak ruined. fix please?
Scott Kelsey review Scott Kelsey
This game requires an additional download after installing. Google Play Games says it's about 700 mb. It's over twice that. And apparently, you can only play the game over the network you installed it through, so if you use the wi-fi at your local library to download the game, that's the only place you'll be able to play it. Otherwise, you get a server error message. This second issue NEEDS to be fixed.
Nocandosvillebabydoll review Nocandosvillebabydoll
Download Error
I also can't get past the download, says no space. I cleared space. Please fix I want to play!
Ivan Chavez review Ivan Chavez
Fusion issues
Tutorial is way too long. Game is great but when I get to the tutorial for fusing medals, it won't let get past after I select the fusion material. I touch but it won't register.