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The world's most devilishly addictive defense game is back - welcome to Kingdom Rush: Frontiers!

Bigger and badder than ever before, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is a whole new level of the furiously fast, enchantingly charming gameplay that made the original title an award-winning hit. Tap your troops through an epic (mis)adventure as you defend exotic lands from dragons, man-eating plants, and ghastly denizens of the underworld -all with flashy new towers, levels, heroes, and more goodies to help you crush your foes to a pulp. (Don't worry, we've still got all the good ol' stuff from the last game, too. It's vintage now.)

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers packs in so much content, it's like a fully upgraded artillery blast of mouthwatering, pixelated joy launched right into your smiling little face... and it hurts so good!


• Fantastic Tower Defense game with lots of strategic decisions. Great power-user stuff like Reinforcements, Meteor Strikes, Freeze Bombs and medieval devastating nukes!

• Fortify the frontier in exotic news lands - hold the line in deserts, jungles and even the underworld!

• Eight new specialized tower upgrades! Slice, sizzle, and stomp your foes with Crossbow Forts, Mighty Templars, Necromancers, and even Earthquake Machines - hey, we told you we were shaking things up.

• Over 18 tower abilities! Unleash Death Riders, pestilence clouds, or Assassins that steal and kill your enemies!

• Over 40 enemies with unique abilities! Stay on your toes as you fight through desert sandworms, tribal shamans, nomad tribes and underground terrors.

• Eleven legendary heroes. Choose your champions and train their abilities! Each has unique specialties that fit different play styles!

• Special units and features on every stage! Watch out for the Black Dragon!

• Merciless boss fights! Hey, we told you to get those upgrades...

• Upgrade system allows you to min/max your towers towards your preferred strategy.

• Hours of gameplay with over 70 achievements!

• Classic, Iron, and Heroic game modes to challenge your tactical skills!

• Three difficulty modes! Are you up for a real challenge? Go with Hard mode!
Intoxicating charm with a rousing score, full-bodied voice-overs and lovingly illustrated cartoon art! (Complete with cartoon blood, naturally.)

• In-game encyclopedia! True warriors know thine enemies... and their towers. Study up!

Halloween Update

- 3 new Halloween stages!
- 9 new enemies! Face vicious Ghouls, Ghosts of lost souls, ferocious Werewolves and even powerful Vampires!
- 2 New Heroes: Hire Dante the vampire slayer or summon Bonehart the legendary Dracolich.
- New mechanic: Moonlight!
- 5 achievements!
- Easter Eggs and Cameos! Even the Headless Horseman!

PRAISE FOR KINGDOM RUSH: IGN Editor's Choice, Slide To Play Must Have, 148 Apps Editor's Choice, Jay is Games Game of the Year, Pocket Gamer Gold Award, Touch Arcade 4.5/5

Kingdom Rush Frontiers APK reviews

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kris gilbert review kris gilbert
PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER. I'm an avid mobile and PC gamer and this is by far THE best mobile game and THE best tower defense game I have EVER played. Would pay 5$ for these if they came out more often or released large content updates. Think about it devs. I know the people who recommended this to me were just as pleased. Great job and deff keep it up!!
Charlie Swan review Charlie Swan
It's a great game, nothing about it is at all bad in any way. My problem was that I bought it, I also bought the bone dragon character. I went through about half the levels maybe (I can't really remember), then my phone broke. Do I reinstalled it and I had no save and my dragon was gone. Please, I love this game and would easily rate 5/5 if I could have my progress and purchases given back?
ian rama review ian rama
Why does it kill the music app? I wanna listen to some of my favorite tunes while playing, but your app seems to favor killing the music ap. Please give us an option to run music apps while playing.
Debraj Sarkar review Debraj Sarkar
This game embodies what a true sequel to a classic entails; it is difficult (in comparison to its prequel) from the get go, has more unique heroes (not only the ones that you buy but the free ones too), and has awesome towers which are memorable throughout! Keep up the good work Ironhide games...just one thing, please reduce the price of some of the in-game heroes for I feel that they are too exorbitant. ?
Brewho X review Brewho X
Frontiers is the best Kingdom Rush in the series and it is way better than the original Kingdom Rush(free). The hero progress system gives the game more replay value. The free heroes are good, great music, good level design and plenty of easter eggs. You can beat all the main levels on Veteran(hard) with no additional items or paid heroes. Very challenging. Cloud save is a plus. Probably the best tower defense game on mobile at the moment.
MindTreat review MindTreat
Not fun at all, just a huge grind and is not for casual gaming on the bus or train. I even tried the big bomb for 999 crystals, and the text said something about dropping it and "claim the spoils of war". What loot? The round didn't end, only the wave and I got a lousy drop of gold. Waste of crystals and very unclear description. I regret buying this.
Mar Hamel review Mar Hamel
I do no I love this games so much l just do I mean it's amazing. My favorite in the King Ranch eyes that would be Origins but I've always had a thing for the Kingdom Rush games I don't really like any of their other non jewniverse games that Ironhide Studios does the Kingdom Rush Trilogy franchise it's just amazing to me at least 5 out of 5 stars
Levi Christopherson review Levi Christopherson
This game is by far one of my favorite mobile games on earth. This game isn't one of those crud tower defense games 5hat are too hard or lame. It has great storyline, interesting concepts, and even better, It's actually fun. Highly recommend!
GishyGishy GameMaster review GishyGishy GameMaster
Great Game! Finding the controls and story line is amazing, I play this game so much. Can't get past some lvls but it's so much fun playing this game, I would recommend this game to anyone and everyone who loves this type of game.
Anphi review Anphi
The best tower defense games out there after the update. But there's a bug with the achievement "what's that" which requires you to open 5 information cards. I can't seem to get that even though I've opened all the cards available in stages. Please look into it. Anyways looking forward to the new kingdom rush series.
James Gee review James Gee
My one problem with this game is that, while it is a great addition to the saga, it does not differ enough from the first game to cost money to play. If you have the money to spend I highly recommend it, but the campaign is still fairly short.
Klayten Givens review Klayten Givens
I love the series of game and I just bought it, but when I load the game it crashes I can't even open my save that I just made when I opened the game it cuts to loading and it just stops. I would love my money back or something but I love the series I just wish the game worked
HURY stone review HURY stone
Awesomely awesome Being playing for 5 mouths now and i still dont get bored of this game
Kevin Z review Kevin Z
Game is great. Second one I've played and I love the strategy. Just wish more hero's would unlike for free going into some later levels.
Cryptid is Shrek review Cryptid is Shrek
The best tower defense game i know. I grew up playing this. Near-perfect in my opinion.