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Kiwi is an outlet for curiosity. It's a social Q&A app that makes it fun and easy to ask and answer questions with your friends, community, and the world at large. Go ahead – ask anyone anything!


• Ask any question to a friend, your followers, or the Kiwi community

• Answer questions about yourself and share your thoughts with the world

• Follow people you care about to create a personalized feed

• Go beyond your friends and family and connect with a global community of curious people

• Get to know your city by asking questions to people nearby

• Tell a unique and authentic story through your questions and answers

• Never get bored – you never know what someone will ask you!

Kiwi APK reviews

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Jessica Jung review Jessica Jung
i cant seem to see other people's answers,example theres 2 replies on other people's post,i only could see one reply
Jeremy Atambo review Jeremy Atambo
The best
ahmed essam review ahmed essam
Ahmed Essam
برنامج جميل وحلو ?
Lowri Richards review Lowri Richards
report button
Someone made a fake account of me and there's no report button sort it out please it's called lowri111
Adriana Flores review Adriana Flores
Es muy Buena APP ☺
Phearom Duong review Phearom Duong
Love it!
I really love Kiwi. It lets me share answers to many questions that I found very interesting. This is such a cool app!?
Raj Kumar review Raj Kumar
What the fuck app.
Lucia Valle review Lucia Valle
Comfort Yorke review Comfort Yorke
Like it
Like it
samurai yoyo review samurai yoyo
You do every time its gets worst.
Riko Cat review Riko Cat
Ali Jawish review Ali Jawish
It would be better
If you the users profile have two tabs one for Qs he asked and one for the A's
lewis damalekani review lewis damalekani
Great but minor problems
Would be great if I could see from notification bar, whether the question was sent to all followers, or just me.
Sophie Williams review Sophie Williams
Love it!!
I'm on kiwi everyday haha! Really love the app :)
Elise Jennings review Elise Jennings
Loved it
Amazing good for gossip to ?