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chris lo review chris lo
Free starting armour
Its like 3 times as good as the tutorial armour is free if u enter this code within first 24 hrs: WCH-HDD-VGV.
daniel samalot review daniel samalot
Best game ever.
Got my self full team of epics and almost done on heoric mode. My name is LOW Sneaky Mage. Undefeated in the arena. Lols 4 all. :) . Also gree, add armor trading to knights and dragons. This can lead to more productive guild wars.
Vàlerie Rogers review Vàlerie Rogers
very well game
I like the game nice rpg game
jamison landry review jamison landry
Eternal order of ID, IS AN AWESOME GUILD!
Send them a request, they are looking for people. ECLYPSE03 is the ID on "line".
simoncocksasd review simoncocksasd
Fix please
It won't load my account or anything keeps loading a game that has no online stuff please help
Jennifer Hilliard review Jennifer Hilliard
Dont ever break your phone
Would of given 5 stars definitely but i broke my phone and i got a new one. Same google play account and everything and it wont let me start where i was.
Daniel Carter review Daniel Carter
Greatly addictive for those times you need a small challenge that makes you feel rewarded. Use my referral code when you start off. WCH-CYH-QYH
Victor Rosenbaum review Victor Rosenbaum
Fun game
Good game would give five stars but my characters ate not grouping right. They just stand behind my main character and don't fight until my main character is dead. If they fix this I will rate five stars
XxbajancandianxX review XxbajancandianxX
Getting gold and gems is hard. Getting armor is also hard without a good armor for yourself or a good guild that can win raids and guild wars
david linville review david linville
PLEASE add the ability to move to SD Card! It takes up so much room on my phone
Boss Player review Boss Player
Had on my old phone good game
Use my Code WCH GDM RMP you get armor for starting and refering.
Shaula hensley review Shaula hensley
Huge Problem im mad
Don't trust the ads I did what it asked and i didnt get nothing not happy was supposed to get 38 free gem but didnt so dont waste your time with ads i am honestly reconsidering spending money on here i was going to but not sure if I'm going to now ya don't spend money not sure if you'll actually receive it did 2 ads nothing don't trust it good luck your going to need it oh great another problem its not giving me my gems from videos now I'm not spending no money I'm thinking about deleting this game.
Stale Legend review Stale Legend
The offers I am finishing them but I don't get any gems please Reply or solve it and all the time there are no videos to watch Reply please and i will give 5 stars
Buvaneswaran Jeganathan review Buvaneswaran Jeganathan
Guys dont waste your time playing this
I play this for about a year and i know so im telling you guy never spend your money in this game to buy gems really when you whent a good amor like epic 4☆ or even (df) the chest says (df+)x10 and (df)x2 i have spend money to buy gems for the chest becos i liked the game it cant be you open so many chest and you never get even one (df) and i even emailed gree about this and i tell them what happen and they emailed . ill be makeing a video about this you guys can see it there ill update the name here ??
Stavros Dragon Flame review Stavros Dragon Flame
Epic game of madness
I love this game because you can fight with other players and you get epic armor and you can defeat bosses. And if you kill them you get epic stuff to use it to make epic armor especially dragon forge armor from the chests also it pep you get rewards from. each. Kill one a team