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I am not able to post picture plz fix this problem I have given 5 stars only for krystle either I have gave 3 stars
pinky gaur review pinky gaur
For me it's best of I know/know of
Yash Sondarva review Yash Sondarva
Gaurav Kumar review Gaurav Kumar
it is an amazing app nd i ❤krystle
Himanshu Gupta review Himanshu Gupta
It's a very nice app... I'm just loving it.. Luv u krystle!!
Luv u krystle... U r bst & app is also good
Varun Trehan review Varun Trehan
Horrible 😝
Tavleen Chiya review Tavleen Chiya
it is an amazing app nd i ❤krystle
riya sachan review riya sachan
I have 3 suggestions that can help in improving the app. 1st :: You must a feature where we can get to learn about Krystal. You can include her shows, her biography, career etc. 2nd :: You can add a post button in the feed page, where we can post into the app. We can post things related to Krystal, so others fan will be able to know about all those things. 3rd :: You have a feature named message where we can chat with other fans of Krystal. We can also send messages to Krystal. I hope this suggestion might help you in improving the app.
Pooja Agarwal review Pooja Agarwal
This app is great!! Thanks a lot Krystle for this great initiative!! Congratulations! May it be a great success...?? The only problem is that it has high data usage. I request EscapeX LTD to fix this problem??
Kahan Raval review Kahan Raval
Downloaded First Time, an App of an Actress. I am Not a great Fan but I Admire Krystle. I Downloaded & checked the App. Its Really Nice. Music Play ability was nice too?. Lots of Wishes.
Afshan Moiz review Afshan Moiz
I love Krystledsouza so much The app is amazing it give me exclusive acsess to Krystle life I'm in love with it If u love Krystle go download the app right now
• Love • review • Love •
Simply Awesome !! Loved everything about it , Specially the music section everything is so lit, I downloaded it for only Krystle Dsouza and I'm so in love with this app!
Nilay Kheni review Nilay Kheni
I m a great fan of uh krystle. Just can't keep my eyes off u from uh