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tim snook review tim snook
Awesome game
Daniel Raza review Daniel Raza
From buggy fun to buggy cash grab.
I started playing this game because I needed something familiar, but different. I could deal with the bugs and the lag, I even bought a package or 2 to help out with the obvious beta this game was. Now I get about 5 minutes of play time with 2 hours of repairs with all the bugs still included. Until the blatant cash grab tactics, absurd damage forecasts and broken features are fixed, stay away from this game.
Jesse Jamieson review Jesse Jamieson
Started off good
This game was a lot of fun till the recent update. Devs getting greedy ruined this game. I considered putting money into this game at one point. I'm now glad I did not. Way to ruin a good game Devs by turning into money grabbing trolls
Okay I'm getting really annoyed with these updates that damage my squad. I asked Munky to transfer my 2nd account in December and they refused. Had to repurchase another green weevil because of that. Got it to six stars yesterday and hello? Nerfed making it useless today! NOT HAPPY!
Drew Smith review Drew Smith
Great game but still has some problems...
Like, upgrading buildings and units cost way to much way to soon... Other than that its a epic game can't wait for a second version of this to come out
matthew patulot review matthew patulot
350MB.. added in new updated game too much... 15x lost in battle PvP .... campaign.. allways crush... 350MB .... for what... I'm good in connection... wow.
Tiggie2000 review Tiggie2000
Damage forecast is at 25% on the first island, then on the 2nd map page 50%?! WTH?! 1 fight and you have to wait over an hour for your best squad to repair itself before you can fight again?! TOTAL BULL!!! Bugs are still there! After a month of gameplay I still can't aid my alliance members. haven't been able to play flash point missions for a week now. Fix the darn bugs before you go making changes to the game! As for the damage forecast, put it back! It is very clear that you just want people to buy gold so that they can use it to repair their squads and keep playing. This is the way you lose gamers. Consider your new players: Low level, very low level oil derricks, one, maybe two fights then they have to repair their only squad. It wouldn't take long for them to run out of oil. Because their one and only squad is so badly damaged, they wouldn't be able to win a pvp match to grab some oil to repair their squad. It wouldn't take long for them to lose interest and quit the game. This is a great example of a game shooting themselves in the foot. Well done for ruining what could have been a great game. I was enjoying it until you nerfed the damage forecast.
Andrew Weeks review Andrew Weeks
New devs new graphics and game play... Totally awesome
cory Pilmore review cory Pilmore
This is a great game/time waster that doesn't use too much battery. 5/5 stars ?
Doug tuduff review Doug tuduff
Go to ruins
In the beginning this game was amazing. After last update with the news changes called by the development team of "some bugs" just destroyed the game where anyone can upgrade your squad because is impossible to find a token anywhere. That's it. You played, played, repair, played repair and can't do any upgrade. Because haven't itens to do this. Neither buying with dollar.
Force closes
jericjames regala review jericjames regala
Great good game,but always crash and say server error..pls fix ^__^
Rameshchandar D review Rameshchandar D
Need more important
Frequently getting server error. There is no much logical choices to make battle, one way to win the battle is to have units with higher level then the opponent. From last update, while searching for opponent to raid i gives higher rank player only, so which leads to defect always. Players will spend some weeks then most of them will stop playing it. So definitely need more improvement in the areas like server maintenance, coad logic in raid search, better rewards in chest and game play with draw or other
Warp Flames review Warp Flames
Pretty good game all round except for the fact for the grind past level 10 gets serious and pvp is pot luck weather you get someone beatable since there is no ranking of sorts. That aside it's a pretty good time waster
Ahmad Farooq review Ahmad Farooq
It WAS good
You guys made a horrible update. There's no point in raiding any more. It ALWAYS matched me with someone more than twice my strength and I cant win, no matter what. Raiding is like half of the gameplay. You guys just dropped the game's value by 50%! I would have given it 5 stars if it werent for this money grubbing update