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Learning Letters (For Nursery, Preschool and Kindergarten-aged Kids)

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Version 3.5.6
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Requirements 4.4 and up

Learn ABC Letters with Captain Cat 3.5.6 APK description

Note: This lite version of Learn ABC Letters with Captain Cat has access to two out of the seven letter sets.

Learn ABC Letters with Captain Cat invites your preschool-aged children to join along on an enchanting voyage through the alphabet waters, to learn the names and shapes of the alphabet letters, practice letter recognition, and easily find letters in context of words and the alphabetical order. Each activity has a separate learning objective and a different game.

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Learn ABC Letters with Captain Cat latest version

The game teaches the alphabet to the children one set of letters at a time. We split the alphabet into seven sets: ABC, DEF, GHIJ, KLMN, OPQR, STUV, WXYZ. As the children complete the activities for a particular letter set, they build a specific boat. This gives them motivation to play and learn.

This app does not teach the phonetic sounds that the alphabet letters make. Knowing how the letters are pronounced is a separate educational goal, which is covered in Intellijoy's separate app, Kids ABC Phonics. Including phonics in this app would detract from the focus and delight of this game.

This game covers seven activities:

✔ Naming Letters: A delightful way for kids to learn the names and appearances of each ABC alphabet letter at their own pace.

✔ Forming Letters: Kids assemble alphabet letters with colorful puzzle pieces to recall the familiar letters they've learned.

✔ Recognizing Letters: Fishing for alphabet fish as they swim by reinforces letter familiarity and its pronunciation.

✔ Identifying Letters in Context: This simple game teaches kids to recognize the alphabet letters as they appear in words. As a result, they learn that words are made up of letters.

✔ Matching Upper Case to Lower Case Letters: This activity reinforces that each letter has two variations; one upper and one lower case letter. The child will enjoy matching the letters to each other to build a raft.

✔ Distinguish between Upper Case and Lower Case Letters: Listen and search for the upper case or lower case letter and toss it to the dolphin for some fun!

✔ Ordering the ABC's: The child explores the deep sea to find letter-coins, and uses these to create a segment of four letters in a row within the alphabet.

Learn ABC Letters with Captain Cat is the first app in our Reading Curriculum Series. It is followed by Kids ABC Trains, Kids ABC Phonics, Kids Learn to Read, and Kids Sight Words.
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