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Legend - Animate Text in Video
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Turn text into stunning animations, impress your Messenger friends!
In just 2 taps, put your words in motion. Inspire people. Make friends laugh.
Save GIF or MP4 video.

1. Write your text
2. Select a text animation style, and color/background combo
3. Send to Messenger, or save as GIF or MP4 video

- 20 amazing text animation styles
- add a photo for background,
- search for background images (thanks Flickr!)
- Emoji support - they look great in Legends!
- save video, or animated GIF
- send autoplaying GIF to Messenger conversations
- share video on Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Facebook...

Follow @legendapp on Instagram to see new featured Legends daily, and submit your own by adding #hypethetype to your posts.

Please send your feedback to [email protected] - we read them all.

- times, distances, percentages trigger custom animations - try it!
- Legend highlights hashtags, usernames, markdown
- Legend understands colors
- Legend animates numbers

- Text can be up to 100 characters
- Legends are square, 6 seconds videos or animated GIF
- 6 animation styles come free, all 14 premium styles can be bought in a single purchase.

Still reading? Great! Now go make Legends.

Legend - Animate Text in Video APK reviews

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Morgan Tolentino review Morgan Tolentino
It tends to stop and crash and I don't know what to do about it, but everything else is pretty great, just please fix the crashing.
I like it but I paid for the text. But now its free.... that's outrages
Ndubuisi Nwade review Ndubuisi Nwade
One if the greatest apps ever!
Im able to do so much with it and it really gets my creative juices flowing!
IRONHIDE725 Gaming review IRONHIDE725 Gaming
I paid to get the anime texts and now the update says its all free so can i get my money back!!!????!!!
Vipul Jha review Vipul Jha
Force stops and error in saving videos
It doesn't saves any video and gives force stop.
xmarshmallow օωօ review xmarshmallow օωօ
Keeps crashing
Uggh i just want to save it and then it crashes!! Please fix this
Adventurous Noodle review Adventurous Noodle
The app is alright but unfortunately it will take me several tries to download a gif I create and usually I have to download it in video form first so it works. If you could fix this maybe I would give a five star rating and downloading is important because I usually use the gifs for other things. :)
Ann Biju review Ann Biju
This is really annoying. It just doesn't want to work for me. All the starting up processes are good. I get my gif done. It works. Then I save it, and when I look at my gallery, it's just all black. I really will give it 5 stars if I actually get some kind of content from this. It worked once and that's it. Also, sometimes the image option thing doesn't work. So, I open my image thingie and click on the pic I want, it's all fine and good. Then, it doesn't load! I tried waiting for half an hour once, and it didn't work, still. Please, I hope you fix this. I really want some good animated text gifs. It seems to be a great app. ????
E.L.F Light Jewels Blossom review E.L.F Light Jewels Blossom
At first, it was great. But just now when i wanna use this app, i just finish editing and trying to be creative. The second later i check on the videos(because i want it to be in mp4) and guess what? It went missing. Only left the gif that i made about 2 days ago(I guess). Please fix this and i will totally give you 5 stars but for now only 3
Autumn Dillon review Autumn Dillon
This app is amazing! I always have wanted to make one of these, and now i can! On Amino, there are lots of these.. The only problem is that If you want a great gif you need to look on chrome (you can't ever find anything), This app prevents this problem! The only suggestion I can think of to improve the app is saving gifs. When you use another gif for a background, it doesn't work.. and very little times does it usually happen. This isn't a big deal though.. all you need to do is put the information back and try again. The app is Offline, so that's a huge bonus!
danny morelli review danny morelli
I have been using the app for a while and I have noticed something. It works when it wants to. I'll do a picture with a specific theme and it downloads fine and works but next time I do it with another picture that style doesn't download right. Also when it says view it opens my gallery and says gallery has stopped working. I close it and sometimes the gif loaded correctly and sometimes it hasn't. Please fix this
A Google user review A Google user
Very good. The only way to get the best way to the tip of the most popular and the UK. The other side of the most popular iPhone And I will not receive any emails with a new job is no need a website for a while. I have a good idea to have been in a couple. This is an automated email address and password for my new job, but I have to be a problem. I am not sure what to do 2nd of may, the more you will 2nd of my favourite stores
Gaurav Areng review Gaurav Areng
Great concept, easy to use, all that. Very useful and fun to use and share funky stuff, but it's let me download a video exactly once. And hasn't worked since. And there's no support function to report the issue. So I don't know whether it's going to be fixed or what I'm supposed to do. Am I supposed to just uninstall this now?
Stevie Pearson review Stevie Pearson
okay. maybe i am using it wrong. but no matter what i do it always tells me my file is TOO BIG... i just.... help... how?! simple photo. simple text. thats it. nothing crazy, but i cant seem to send them anywhere because it always tells me its too big of a file. any tips on how to fix this? other then that. absolutely AWESOME app. i think i'm just missing a step....
Mistress Horror review Mistress Horror
This is smashing. I love how easy it is to use. And the options are decent. I only wish that there were more options on text format. I.e. placing a border around letters and being able to maneuver the picture around. Or be able to mix and match filters and text animations. I also have an issue with my animations saving and being corrupt from time to time. Like completely spastic and static-y.

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