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Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Korelis and battle your way to dominance. Fight alongside over 1 million players worldwide. Play today!

• Collect and evolve hundreds of monsters, each with their own abilities and lore
• Magical match 3 battles
• Fight with friends and share your spoils
• Join a guild with other players and defeat other guilds
• Master missions and earn special quest rewards

Connect with the community at: https://www.facebook.com/LegendaryGameOfHeroes/

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Stephanie Weisenborn review Stephanie Weisenborn
One of the most interesting and fun games I've played in 40 years if gaming. An excellent combination of rpg and matching puzzles. Hours and hours of entertaining battles and puzzle/mission play each day if I want it, great events, nice guild structure, great guild wars and more. Not so easy you can blow through it and get bored, but not so hard it's more frustration than it's worth. Best game I've played on my phone ever!!
Red Adair review Red Adair
Great game but definitely pay to win.
Very well made. Excellent artwork. Only gripe is very difficult to evolve cards without buying packs. Can be done by grinding quest 6-4 which drops 2types of shards needed to make the items to evolve heroes.
Don Brown review Don Brown
Solid but not ready for prime time
Game is a 3.5 to 4 stars when it works, but is inconsistent. Most recent update doesn't allow me to login at all. Advise against spending money until it stabilizes.
adrienne johnston review adrienne johnston
Game keeps talking my first gem
Will change to max star after problem is resolved. Every time I try to play in shadow siege it freezes. I have lost a total of 8 to 10 keys with this issue. I also have had it shut down on me. I really enjoy this game but the bugs are starting to make me dislike it alot
Terry Kuehne review Terry Kuehne
Awesome game! Only one thing wrong, it keeps closing down on me. I have a Motorola X. May not be enough for this game?
Carrie Vaughn review Carrie Vaughn
Love and hate it.
Constant network error. Kicked often and lose keys for event. If u dont have a butt load of money to waist on games your evolve items are near impossible to obtain reguardless how much you play. Once your ingame and can stay connected its fun. Had phone isses but Support is quick and great to work with.
Alysha Chan review Alysha Chan
Great game
But the latest update is doing my head in.... just as I'm about to win... game closes without warning... please fix bug???
Chris Sky review Chris Sky
I like this game a lot. It allows more interaction between players which is nice. The combat system is nothing new but it definitely improves on an old formula.
Joshua Higgins review Joshua Higgins
My new favourite Game!!!
However I want to spend some money and when you look at the prices you instantly decide not to. The lowest hero pack is 500 diamonds which is £5.49.... Joke.
Not very impressed downloaded the game,looked like it was gonna be a decent game. I spent a little money to make it more fun and every thing is gone now app won't load or do anything.
Tam Ho review Tam Ho
More addictive than sniffing Unicorn Horn!!!
Game is very additive and much better than any other in its category! A must play! Although buying cards every event is tiresome.
Mark Parkinson review Mark Parkinson
Green hulk
It's awesome hows matching puzzles comes in place towards fighting.
Jade S review Jade S
Awesome! Best game I've ever played! Only problem I see is it takes forever to get on the game sometimes. And the crown shards need to be more accessible.
Norman Hagerman review Norman Hagerman
Addiction Warning
This game is super addictive. I normal do not spend in game but have found myself buying gems. It is the first game I go to on the am and the last game I play at night.
Jacinda Boogerd review Jacinda Boogerd
Great fun.
Fantastic support with answers and help.