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Linda Brown: Interactive Story
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A sensual romance story where YOU control the outcome with your decisions.

You’ve broken-up with your boyfriend and moved to a new city....
Could this be the opportunity to finally make your singing career take-off and find true love?

✦ New episodes released weekly written by award winning TV writers!

✦ A unique story with 600+ episodes where you'll develop unique relationships with dozens of different characters

✦ Shape the story as you play through a world full of romance, mystery, drama and suspense.

✦ Enjoy stunning visuals from characters to backgrounds, looking like an actual live-action series.

Linda Brown features:

DRESS-UP YOUR CHARACTER: What you wear will make an impact on the story. Choose your outfit from a varied wardrobe ranging from casual, chic, elegant to classic. Ready to dress for the occasion?

YOUR CHOICES MATTER: Your choices will shape the story and determine your love interest as well as your friends or allies. Watch out!

ENJOY AMAZING GRAPHICS: Enjoy a story with incredible graphics that have no match in the category, featuring unique animations and cinematic events.

SOLVE MYSTERIES: Interact with the environment looking for objects and clues to solve quick mini-puzzles and move further in the story mode!


Instagram: @iamlindabrown

Linda Brown: Interactive Story is free to play, but you can purchase additional parts of game experience with real money. To limit the ability to perform in-app purchases, a PIN in the Settings menu from within the Google Play Store can be created.

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Its soo addictive. Cant wait for the next episode every time one ends. Just wish we could have more diamonds. I made some decisions not because I wanted but because I didn't have enough diamonds. Still love it though. Thanks creator(s)
Rosie Greenshields review Rosie Greenshields
This game is amazing! But half way through it, it started to glitch and was messed up at the start when I entered the game I think it broke my phone!?!! Thanks guys I really enjoyed this game too
tracey mccain review tracey mccain
Why don't you give three tickets instead of 2 because they run out to fast..but anyway I love this Love Story of Linda Brown we need more like this!!!!!!
Denise Carr review Denise Carr
I like the game, but would like to earn diamonds so they have more of an option to pick my own choices. I wish that I did not wait 4 hours for each episodes to earn tickets. I would like to choice my own clothes or have the option to change some things about the character.
melanin princess review melanin princess
It's great I love it but I thought we get two free passes not just one ? ? we should get 2 since we already have to wait 3 hours
Banu Sri review Banu Sri
Season 3 is coming but episode 4 blurry images is not coming help me please