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Alien troops kidnapped Sally! Go rescue her!
To rescue LINE's cutiepie, Sally, her friends in LINE Town transformed into Rangers!
With the Rangers, defeat the alien troops and save Sally and Yellow Planet! You will, right?

[Cute LINE characters full of charm]
You can meet many different LINE friends including original characters like Brown, Cony, Moon, and James!
Create your own team of Rangers with over 400 cute characters!

[Ranger upgrade system]
Join a battle with your Rangers or combine them to level them up!
Gather evolution materials in special stages to increase your Rangers' grades!
Level up your Rangers and help them evolve! They will become more powerful than ever!

[Powerful gear system]
Equip your Rangers with gear to improve their stats!
Get weapons, armor, and accessories with a variety of stats and equip your Rangers with them!
Enhance and reinforce your gear to make it more powerful.

[Different types of battle]
Enjoy many different types of battle in LINE Rangers!
- Normal stage, where you can go rescue Sally
- Special stage, where you can acquire evolution materials
- One-on-one battle PVP, offered per season
- Arena, with many different options
- Endless mode, with a never-ending stream of enemies
- Guild raid, to be enjoyed with other guild members

[Fun co-op play]
If the battle is too hard, summon a friend to get help!
You can get more help from other guild members if you join a guild! Enjoy guild activities with friends!
You can enjoy guild raids with other guild members and also enjoy various guild benefits!

[New game feature: Leonard's Lab!]
Use Rangers, Gear, and Materials to create all the Evolution Materials you need!
Make Ultimate Evolution Materials and use them to evolve Ultimate Evolved Rangers!
Train your Rangers and perform experiments at the Secret Lab to get awesome rewards!

Please note:
※ It may take longer to connect to the game depending on your Wi-Fi or network status.
※ It is recommended that you use a Wi-Fi connection for improved gameplay.

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Goth Dad review Goth Dad
very slow reproduction rate. very slow dispatch of rangers. nice update but, increase the speed a little?
Markus Martinus review Markus Martinus
dec event gacha
you said that we are guaranteed that 150 ruby (legend gacha 5+1) will get 7star leonard and special edition rangers, but i dont get them. please fix it!
Chris Cen review Chris Cen
Season 3 make game complicated
Bad update. Missing the simple & fun of the game. The game is more complicated & consume more time to play.
James Yao review James Yao
Mineral Problem...
Please make the mineral go faster like before you made this update because it really stink to have very less minerals
Mike Abbott review Mike Abbott
Season 2 loved it seaeon 3 blows goats
All my rangers are down graded. And its so slow it feel like i am playing 1 year ago
jack lee review jack lee
you can maybe make the monsters in main stage easier it's impossible to beat
sultan dinata review sultan dinata
Why I don't get update reward
Raul Sanchez review Raul Sanchez
Ahmad Nashihuddien review Ahmad Nashihuddien
asik 10 ubi
coba main review coba main
This game is very nice
Yousef Saleh review Yousef Saleh
Very bad update and fake gatcha..
1.PVP: Why items become useless, you use it and its directly disapear, I updated them to the ultra and spent a lot of money, then you with a silly update remove their effectivness, make it fair not useless 2.Special stages: why you remove lionard from the prizes, You always try to make the game harder 3.the fake triple gatcha: today I spent 1200?on nothing I am really disappointed, I played this game for more that 1 year by daily basses and I really love it. Just don't loss us with stupid and fake updates.
Farhan Muchlis review Farhan Muchlis
Unforgetable and lovable
Angelina Chung review Angelina Chung
Join us in battle
This game is so addictive. Must try for all strategy lovers, can be quite challenging as the level progresses. If you are new you can join my guild "Moon Rage" and we are happy to show you the ropes.
Javier Bovio review Javier Bovio
Ultra gacha is broken
Played 3 - 300 gachas and got no new ranger, very disappointed... Please make a refound or fix it
Ony Hermawan review Ony Hermawan
Fake triple odd
Dev, please do not lie to user. Track on my account and you'll find what im talking about. I was play gacha when the triple odd event is ready, but no one of limited rangers or gears i've got...