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Play the invigorating running adventure with just one finger!
Get treasures from all over the world with summoned animals.
Official new game from “LINE” – the free call/messenger app.

*LINE WIND runner features*
- All you need to do is just tap the screen with your finger!
- Don’t think, but feel the exciting speed!
- You’re not alone in the adventure, lovely pets and divine animals will accompany you in the journey
- Keep on running and you can upgrade your characters!
- Fill the star gauge to trigger a fever time!

- Compete with your LINE friends!
Overtake your friends and get bonuses!
- The more friends you have, the more fun awaits you!
Exchange Wing Shoes; gain Friendly points to receive free items!

The game’s so simple so what are you waiting for?
Come and join in the world of WIND runner!!

LINE WIND runner APK reviews

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jordie sz review jordie sz
Like it but gameplay is lag
Yen Riootz review Yen Riootz
Maighdeline Gordon review Maighdeline Gordon
Nicholas Antonio review Nicholas Antonio
Pearl Fernandes review Pearl Fernandes
dika susanto review dika susanto
Super Originals review Super Originals
Good game
Yamato Ren review Yamato Ren
This game is awesome
Johan Wijaya review Johan Wijaya
Please Fix
ASUS Zenfone 2.. when i choose Legendary Chest, this game error.. Stuck.. please help..
Jetsuda Suriyasak review Jetsuda Suriyasak
arkhan khaliefh review arkhan khaliefh
good game
Brian Lee review Brian Lee
Lov it
irvan ramadhanny review irvan ramadhanny
Great !!
Gaban Gagah review Gaban Gagah
Mok diimprove gik sal penggunaan ram.
elaine mak review elaine mak
Good game
But when I install it after I login to line the second time and reinstall the game, it wont let me in !! When I load again and again, it just bouced into the home page !! I tried to reinstall it a bunch of times, but the problem is still here ! Pls fix this bug