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Little Panda Restaurant
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Juicy tender meat is covered by a golden crispy crust! One bite and you will never forget the taste of it! Wanna be a world class chef? Start right here! Download Little Panda Restaurant and start cooking these delicious cuisine.

Fun features:
1.From east to west, wide variety of entree to choose from.
2.Beef, mushroom, eggs...mix and match to satisfy your guests.
3.Wok, blender, oven...we have all the equipment you need to finish your master piece.
4.Chili powder, seafood sauce...various seasonings to stimulate your taste buds.
5.Serve the dish to make money and use the money to make more dish!

Design concepts:
We focus on inspirational learning;
We focus on skill-building;
We focus on bringing fun contents to our young audience;
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Little Panda Restaurant APK reviews

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Lynda Hansen review Lynda Hansen
Your just not plsying the game right. Your suppose to by new food with the mony you make. Then you cook the food. Now does that sound so hard.?
Takeias Howard review Takeias Howard
I hate this game you got to make the same food all day
I have some problem I don't know how I start this game
Jyoti Oberoi review Jyoti Oberoi
Very boring game in world please don't download it
Nelly Jimron review Nelly Jimron
My goodness
This restaraunt is so nice
Soul Seekers review Soul Seekers
good game for my kids
vipasha kamboj review vipasha kamboj
It's amazing .we can cookwhat we want
Madison Flores review Madison Flores
It not fun it tell you what to do
Nariman Awada review Nariman Awada
Wow OMG your games!!!! Are amazing!!!!!!! Please do more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!can you do panda life? That would be my dreams!!!!!
Peace Nosakhare review Peace Nosakhare
Rayan Adyan review Rayan Adyan
I Dont No! I want to Get Ryan Girl Katherine Not A good Game? From Me You know AK47 mope nope Nope My ziisss nuuuuuuu XD Bye YouTube!!!
sadaf adeel review sadaf adeel
I like your games alot pls keep making games like these???
Md Sohel review Md Sohel
I love baby ? game.....??????????
Tenere Brown review Tenere Brown
Omg I love tis game like I have a bff ??? in years lol but no seriously best game ever like and subscribe on twitter and fb and ig to baby bus kids games wow I seriously love this game look in the comments trust me I love this game look in the comments and get this game best game ever baby bus kids games yaaaasssss
I hate this game whenever I play this it stops. It always stops. So really hate this. I would have given this 0 star if it was possible. I dont know what is the problem with this stupid game. Why it stops everytime.??????????????????????????????