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? is a top live broadcasting video chat app across the world in more than 85 countries. You can chat, sing, or broadcast another talent and get paid for creating content you love. Finding people who love the same stuff you do is super easy and fast with millions of people.

QuizBiz is’s latest feature, a new trivia game show you play each day at 5PM PT for a chance to win up to $1,000 or more by answering all 12 questions correctly.

Share your referral code to get Extra Chances in QuizBiz and get extra help making it all the way to question 12. Don’t forget to set a reminder and join the show everyday.

- Broadcast whenever you want, be an influencer, and make up to $20K-30K in a week!
- Use Instagram to promote your live broadcasts!
- Receive virtual gifts and convert them into real money rewards!
- Discover, meet, and connect with new people near you or around the world!
- Find and chat with people who have same interests as you!
- Meet real friends, influencers, stars, and big name celebrities!

Q: What can I do on
A: Live broadcasting is the new way stars are connecting with their fans. You can chat, game, do tutorials like make-up, sing, do giveaways, and more!

Q: Who’s on
A: Everyone! is for new stars and famous celebrities. People broadcast about all types of things, from fashion, music, gaming, to art and beauty. If you are looking for an app to broadcast, is it!

Q: How do I make new friends on
A: Go into a live broadcast, comment, or use flying comment to talk to the broadcaster. You can also send gifts to get the broadcaster’s attention. If you connect with someone, there’s also direct messaging.

Q: How do I find people to follow?
A: We have a recommendation list for new users. We’ll show you awesome people. From the discovery page, you can also find different categories of broadcasts.

Q: What kind of stuff are people talking about on right now?
A: People are talking about what’s happening now. Where you live, you’ll find it among all the feature list.

Q: How will people find my broadcast?
A: First set a cover photo which can show people your content and why they should join your broadcast. Make sure you give it an appropriate category to help. is full of passionate people who are constantly checking the discovery section with categories, featured lists, and the nearby page.

Q: Am I ready to download, video chat with new friends around the world, become next generation of influencers who can influence others?
A: Yes.

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Kelia Davis review Kelia Davis
It sucked
It's horrible It takes forever to get viewers and people judge you
A Google User review A Google User
Seth Rollins review Seth Rollins
Disgusting (Peadophile hunting ground)
Sorry but your app is full of Muslim Peadophiles and when I say full I mean full. Watching 11/12 year old streamers asking them to show their breasts etc. Some things they don't understand because of their age and they say things in such a way to manipulate them and I spend most of my time trying to explain to the kids what they are really up to. The same people also create female accounts to try and befriend the girls (false sense of security) so the kid feels more safe thinking it's another female
Cereena Ruiz review Cereena Ruiz
So awsome got me so many followers and people who adore me
Alyssa Terault review Alyssa Terault
It needs to be changed to allow androids to beam also its not fair for androids to be left out of beaming
Noah MacDonald review Noah MacDonald
The following document Microsoft Windows XP on a new job is to be able to do
Ellie Flint review Ellie Flint
It is the best thing and i just started 4 days ago and i have 100 fan already
Pauli Maldonado review Pauli Maldonado
Awesome love it.....
Bombo Gaming review Bombo Gaming
Lauren Keberlein review Lauren Keberlein
When i stream some people are real the others are bots which gets you no likes. Also you have to pay real money. But other than that it's a really fun and cool?
Nawab Khan review Nawab Khan
Slow using plz hilp
Plz hilp
Sean Legge review Sean Legge
Julissa Parra review Julissa Parra
None needed it's great to do something you want to be heard about now
Robert M review Robert M
Fun site
Where can i find the USER AGREEMENT please in order to make sure I comply with the rules. I wish only REAL people could view me. My viewers are usually BOTS or KIDS. Its too difficult to be verified. If people of ALL ages were on here the site would be a better place. Broadcasters that get the most gifts are usually underage doing acts to which their parents would never give consent. However, Overall though the sites seems to be evolving with improvements.