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Guess the brands with #1 Logo Quiz!
♥ More than 60 000 000 downloads around the world! Thank you! ♥

Logo Quiz is a free game where you guess the brands names of thousands of logos from popular companies.

We can see various brands logos every day and everywhere.
On TV, walking along the street, in magazines ... simply everywhere!
How many of brand logos can you guess?

More than 2500 logos are available for you to guess in over 52 exciting levels.

In our logo game you will find the newest Extra Levels. Available only in our game & all for free!
★ Food Quiz - guess the food of popular companies,
★ Guess The Color - guess the colors of thousands of logos,
★ Slogans - identify 200 famous slogans,
★ Minimalist - surprise :D,
★ Expert Mode - This is a "Nightmare Mode" >:-).
More levels coming soon!

★ 2500 logos and a small size of the application!
★ 52 exciting levels!
★ 15 languages support!
★ Learn more about brands after correctly guessing!
★ Helpful clues! Each logo has 5 hints!
★ 12 free hints every 15 minutes! Free hints are available in our store every day!
★ New hints are granted for correct logo quiz answers.
★ Swipe screen to switch between logos!
★ Cloud Save! Start game on your phone and continue where you left off on your tablet!
★ Detailed statistics!
★ New leaderboard! Compare your scores with your friends!
★ Frequent application updates!

Compare your answers with your friends!
Challenge them to see who knows more logos!

New logos coming soon.
Check for the updates!

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Logo Quiz APK reviews

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Martin Tse review Martin Tse
Keys don't work
The game itself is quite good till I couldn't enter the letters. Just don't know why
A Google User review A Google User
Fun & Beneficial
Logo Quiz is joyful and fun when you first play it. It is nice to guess the right name and learn about the different brands. It broadens your perspective throughout the world. However, there are a limited number of hints, but that's where you get together with friends!
Ankit Patidar review Ankit Patidar
Compatibility issues
It crashes everytime I launch it on Kitkat. It worked fine on jellybean. Please fix this problem. I really loved this game.
Melissa Coleman-Seery review Melissa Coleman-Seery
Pretty good game. This is fun. Some of them seem impossible so the hints are good. The only negative in my view is that it just gets a little boring after a while.
Celeste Siao review Celeste Siao
Mind working
Its really fun but makes you think. I like that when you ask for help and that person doesn't know it and they start asking other people. It puts the WHOLE WORLD to think!
sunanda gupta review sunanda gupta
One Request
Now I am bored From Last Month I Have Completed All The Levels so I Request That Make More Levels Fast But It is very good game! Lövê Ït Please Make fast
Osric Nagle review Osric Nagle
Nice app! Some of the logos get really tricky, but the game overall is fun and, with all of the additional game modes, will keep you occupied for hours!
Lorraine Brown review Lorraine Brown
This game really gets you thinking and makes the time fly by. It is fun for all ages and brings you, your family and your friends together. It keeps you occupied and you never get bored. The Logos get harder and harder and some are impossible to recognise until you get a light bulb moment and go in a spree, getting them all right. Truly the best game I have ever downloaded and I play on it for hours everyday. If you download it you will not be sorry and after one look you will be hooked.
Anastasia Keast review Anastasia Keast
Good but...
I think you need to update it for the Samsung galaxy s5 active because in the 2 hours that I've had it it's crashed like 50 time just when I get on a roll it stops working
Erin Galvin review Erin Galvin
??? Best app ever???
It's fun to play with and when you're bored it's kind of fun it's a game that you want to play and its very knowledgeable and that will help you memorize all the names what is your on a road trip that something that you can do like does he like all the all the signs to give it away anyways its the best app ever!!!??????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤???
Maia Costello review Maia Costello
I need help ! ??
I ❤❤❤ this app but I cannot download it . I can't download any apps on my Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus at the moment . It comes up saying " insufficient space on device " but I have loads of storage , " cannot download due to error (491)" and " cannot download in default location " ( I have no clue what this means ) . Please help me ! ?????
Chronical V review Chronical V
Fun, Boredom Killer
Love it! My friends started to play after I got it. The only thing I could request (not really a flaw) is more logos! I've gotten most of them and I'm debating whether to delete the app since I am always in need of space for my phone.
aakash gusain review aakash gusain
a good time killer!
kills time,is light on MBs,helps you to know about the various brands you knew about even more and is easy to fool around with....what else would you want now?
Tony Canning review Tony Canning
Game lags then I have to end task. Happens all the time and is as annoying as anything. Don't understand why it's freezing though it's a logo game?
Charlie Johnson review Charlie Johnson
Just want money
Miss one and you have to spend money. BS