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Burak Kamit review Burak Kamit
Money motivated company
Many issues and bugs and being with the company since world 14 was very upsetting when I experienced issues and bugs they were more concerned about receiving payments rather then fixing these. Spending over $2,000 and VIP 12 still proved difficult to have my issues addressed.
Aaron Gyde review Aaron Gyde
Good game bro.
Much fun to be had. However bring your wallet or you are wasting your time. Take note that is a player is over 100m they highly likely have t4 this also means for anyone free to play you are nothing but food. Even if you have 50m might and out some money in. Stop just stop. The game is over run with racism
Carin C review Carin C
It has everything and it's awesome, not just builder, but also pve and hero stages and gear. Aaand pvp, and monsters, and boss battles . However , don't fall for their false advertising, they sell a hero as 25% reduced research time , upgraded to legendary, But what u get is 1/10 of a hero with only 1,25% reduction. Meaning you have to buy the package at least 10 times over to get what is advertised. Shame on you Igg. Oh and the price goes up for each purchase, greeeedy!
Ashy Larry review Ashy Larry
Amazingly Addicting
When you're starting out, the game can be a little difficult but I've been playing for almost six months the and there's no question this is the best, most addicting game currently available for mobile. Well done guys and keep it up with these new, fresh updates! This game is a must have.
Bradley Chapman review Bradley Chapman
This game is alright but be prepared to get destroyed by pay to win players. I have 171 days played without spending real money and am under 20m might. This may seem good except when most p2w players have 30m might to 6 billion might in far less time. Not sure how this game won a competitive award.
Joseph Onoroski review Joseph Onoroski
Great game concept, very addicting, and slowly getting better.
So addicted, don't get me wrong. But it has issues and if you are the victim of one don't expect the staff to help unless you can provide proof of the problem. This game is getting better slowly though. There are many updates and with each one a slight change. You can tell the programmers listen to the feedback and do their best to accommodate the masses.
Mark Collyer review Mark Collyer
enjoyable but....beware
good until you reach higher levels, then it'll cost you big money to avoid days of waiting for the upgrades. Beware strong guilds or players who may try to extort real money for protection or non harassment, IGG need to take this growing problem seriously!
Adam Veacock review Adam Veacock
Because it always needs to build staff
I reeeeeeeaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyy HATED IT FOR EVER
unfair game.. but still allot of fun
people who spend allot of money have several million troops, if you don't spend a bunch of money you are weak. 1 person who has spend allot of money can come and destroy a whole guild of 100 people easily, 100 free to play players working together cant even beat one persons that has spent money to become a huge player... i love the game but unless you have money to spend you will have a week little castle and the money spenders will have a monster castle that will just destroy you in seconds..
Eric Lopez review Eric Lopez
Pretty fun game.
Still getting used to the mechanics, but over all really enjoyable. Love the hero's, and the art style of this game. I hope devs update more and do some balancing. free in game gems. This company is really generous, which actually makes me want to spend money in their game to support them.
Frank binasteen review Frank binasteen
For gem
For gems pretty cheap but still a good game
phillip vo review phillip vo
Ideas for purchased heros
I'm not too happy with the hero I bought, you guys should make an option where you get a one time exchange on one hero that you have paid for. Or once you purchase a hero bundle, you unlock a hero stage level that lets you collect 1 medal of that said paid hero.
Anthony R.T review Anthony R.T
Hey, GM read this note carefully.. when your team still doing update better you checked all done then open again, where all notification beeing scouted or attacked? Did your team all doing well or just looking for ppl who spend real money on your game? That damn suks GM..
Zombie Boss 04 review Zombie Boss 04
Very good game
Very good strategy game
ThinkoF Dennis review ThinkoF Dennis
Interesting game