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emmanuel jake review emmanuel jake
Actually, the app is nice.i just downloaded it and I'm a VIP member with 11.99 €.but i have problems with the app and the team. I hope the lovoo team will rectify this problems. My user name is Kelly Smith. After my VIP membership is activated, I can't chat with more than two people and I was asked to pay for another package. That is unfair.sequel to that I will send a message to someone and after some minutes I will be told that my massage is unsuccessful. Because what I wrote is not really attractive or interested. How does it be the business of the lovoo team to determine which massage is good or not? I received only two icebreaker every day. But it's useless because the 90% of the massage that I sent is always unsuccessful but why? How does the lovoo team determine which massage is to attract a reply or not that is unacceptable. I advise that the lovoo team should allow the massage of its members to be delivered to the receiver without any interference. That is just my opinion and my observation. Thank you for your acknowledgement.
massyizzu review massyizzu
I give 1 star because i can t give 0
Horrible!! I have loovo from 1 year and half,but for this new update is really bad !! Change fast.THANKS
fikri ali review fikri ali
lovo easy chat
Andy Nisbet review Andy Nisbet
Full of fake profiles. Latest version doesn't show your credit history or your amount of credit.
Mohammad Teymoori review Mohammad Teymoori
Alaa Kassab review Alaa Kassab
You suck!
Always error message, it looks like the app is being developed by amateurs
Elia Ebed review Elia Ebed
Lovoo is a great application to make new friends , you should to use it
Hellen Kilain review Hellen Kilain
Appreciate it..and..love it???
I find it so lovely and easy to use now its my favourite..no doubt
I like it alot
Philip Cockman review Philip Cockman
Was good until......
This app was a good app until I started getting bombarded by 20+ fake profiles advertising other websites
Tarek Alsayed yahya review Tarek Alsayed yahya
I have until now 73 matches and no one said even hello .. Is this a program for meeting new people or just for collecting profiles ??? I feel like I am doing philatelic ???
Roussel Foppa review Roussel Foppa
It's cool
Nicola Dutoit review Nicola Dutoit
Functional but flawed
It does the job of being a dating app, but is plagued by microtransactions, wonky UI and bugs.
Andy Higgins review Andy Higgins
No connection
I log in and keep getting a message saying no connection to server yet every other app that runs off the Internet works fine fix the server issue and I will give it 5*
Ciprian Eremie review Ciprian Eremie
Nobody is active in this app.