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LTC Miner - Get Free Litecoin
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After so many requests from our users, we are thrilled to launch Litecoin miner. Now you can mine LTC from your android powered device. Our app mines litecoin on your device and in our cloud servers.

How it works:
-Just click Start mining and let our app mine litecoins for you.
-Easy, minimum and fast withdrawals, right to your Litecoin wallet.

We use litoshis as unit for mining litocoin. It is the smallest unit of ltc. 100,000,000 litoshis equals 1 LITECOIN. You will find more information within our app.

We are working hard to bring more and more features to the app. Upcoming features:
-Litecoin wallet service
-View real time prices of litecoin within the app.
-Maintain your profile and portfolio.

You will find more information about how things work within the app.

Your use of our app is subjected to our terms and privacy found at:

To contact us
Service support: [email protected]
Business queries: [email protected]

LTC Miner - Get Free Litecoin APK reviews

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J D review J D
Very disappointed. What happen to the hash rate? I've started mining 150000+ tokens a day for past several days now. Please change it back. I love all of your apps. I'd like to keep it that way
Couper Shaw review Couper Shaw
Looks like a scam. They keep raising the minimum withdraw amount as I get closer to it. Oh, and if you read the fine print they are selling your data. Nothing is free.
Harold Wilkins review Harold Wilkins
Would be a great time consumer if the withdraw didn't keep f#$_&-+ keep going up like all there other apps for mining. I also seem to keep losing my hash's
Patrick O'Brien Boling review Patrick O'Brien Boling
Update!!! This and other miners by this developer have been taking tokens recently 204155 tokens taken. Even as I was mining! Never a good sign. Was a Good app!
Kevin Barrett review Kevin Barrett
It says im over the minimum withdrawal but when i go to withdraw it says the minimum withdrawal is not met, then when you close out and start the app back up the minimum withdrawal is higher. Complete bs.
Ankit agarwal review Ankit agarwal
Minimum withdrawal increased by 50 % and hash rate decreased in new update..... As reaching near withdrawal limit they increase the limit. Not worth
guddu uchiha review guddu uchiha
Not good can try some faucet instead
Steve Worful review Steve Worful
Keep raising the limit everytime you get close to withdraw
vahid army review vahid army
I got paid after about a week after withdraw request.
alireza azizimousavi review alireza azizimousavi
Thanks for app
kenneth derflinger review kenneth derflinger
Good app from good people. These people are the only ones putting out mining apps that actually pay as far as i have found. Now if they would just add monero, ripple, and zcash mining apps i would be a happy miner.
Steven Bryant review Steven Bryant
Good app!