Lucky 13: 13 Card Poker Puzzle APK

Lucky 13: 13 Card Poker Puzzle
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A casino game most frequently played by Asians - 13 Cards Poker / Chinese Poker!

Lucky13 Highlights
Mission! Various Mission for every single matches, complete the Mission and win MORE Chips!
Double Down! Raise your bet for free with Double Down and earn DOUBLE! Do you dare to take the risk?
Raise! Innovative 1 VS 1 PK game mechanism! Go all out and challenge them!
Change Cards! Change your fate and outsmart your opponents by swapping cards with them.
Sudden Death! Win with Lucky13! Instant bankrupt your opponents with x3,480 Multipliers
King of Lucky13! Win our King of Lucky13 tournament and be the King of Lucky13!

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Lucky 13: 13 Card Poker Puzzle APK reviews

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luzviminda sabe review luzviminda sabe
Nice app, gameplay concept is good but can you please change the background color for cards into dark or cool colors (plain black or gray)? red highlight makes it hard ( for me) to see the card properly.
Wong Weng Keng review Wong Weng Keng
The only things I feel uncomfortable is must buy the diamonds for continuing play the higher level game. No free 💎
Adrian Chew Choon Pin review Adrian Chew Choon Pin
Prefer the old version. now i cannot get Gems anymore. have to buy.
Fun game. However rules should be better explained. What is CM X4 X6 X8 and how does that work. How to activate it?
Fred Aping review Fred Aping
It's very good game
Need more chance to have diamonds...nice game
chai hin review chai hin
No have Chinese?
The off line game is better
Fiqa Bed review Fiqa Bed
It ok
Ronlin Lin review Ronlin Lin
can play offline better.
tan leckfong review tan leckfong
Hard to achieve to highest level
Barry Lim review Barry Lim
Enjoy playing the game.
marshall jerangkang review marshall jerangkang
Cantiklah ... energy kalau dah ugrade nanti boleh tambah lagi 5 energy biar lama sikit . Enjoy
Chok Sien Hiew review Chok Sien Hiew
Very addictive little game. Once I start I can't stop. Keep wanting to play one more round. At first it feels simple, but after playing more, there are some interesting tricks in playing.
Sunapana 69 review Sunapana 69
very addictive game. need to fix some bugs. the hand become "bad arrangements" even I do in correct arrangements. lose so much coins because of this glitch. plz fix it