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Lynkn app is a remote video monitoring software on the phone, through the app can be managed in your entire device, you can use the WeChat account and register your phone number to log in, and you can share your favorite video and screenshots to friends.
Function list:
1 mobile remote real-time video surveillance: support 3G/LTE (4G) and wireless (WiFi) network, the real time to see;
2 motion detection: in the event of the trigger can be automatically sent to the alarm through the mail and push for you to save traffic;
3 security privacy: all images and information is transmitted by a strong encryption and strictly limited to your designated mobile phone and computer;
More than 4 platforms connected: the second even supports a variety of platforms, so you can easily achieve computer to computer, computer to mobile phones, mobile phones, computers and other different modes of remote video surveillance.
5 share features: seconds even support to the video camera and video to share your WeChat friends.
Application scenarios:
1, housekeeping nursing shop, defend the property, sleep without any anxiety.
2, care for the elderly, care for children, care for unlimited.
3, have a look, pet photo sharing, an endless enjoyment.

Lynknpro APK reviews

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Antonio Rodriguez review Antonio Rodriguez
Kicks me off a lot when I try to watch the cameras. And freezes a bunch.
dan porter review dan porter
This app sucks its freezes. Doesnt load cameras ever unless i reinstall. Doesnt make me safe
Nate Cox review Nate Cox
Keep kicking me off
Zachary Paul review Zachary Paul
Won't load camers
James Garfield review James Garfield
Will not show live video over wired gigabit network only shows spinning circles. Elec DVR piece of junk. 11fps max per channel software for windows pc crap Will not work with Edge, Firefox or IE. Go get another product and steer clear of this one.
Jennifer review Jennifer
I haven't had an issue with this app at all. If I log in and it says I'm having any kind of issue, it's on my end. Usually all it is, is having to reboot my router! If you hook up the camera and DVR system correctly you won't have a problem with the app. This is just my experience and my opinion. I have high speed internet and an Samsung Galaxy S8 phone.
Randy Clark review Randy Clark
Takes a lot to get setup & running. Problem with it is when you back out of the app it doesn't close or stop the app. It runs in the background. You have to manually use the force stop button to fully close the app. It's a pain in the ass.
Alvin Holland review Alvin Holland
Once you add the proper IP address and make sure it matches the routers gateway address, it works great. Thats what everyone is having problems with as I did before I manually changed things.
k hoffman review k hoffman
I have these up and running now for over 6 months. Bought the whole deal for $70 shipped with two day shipping from amazon prime. The app can be buggy at times and the website for pc viewing or adding the device to a computer is a joke. The recording occasionally stops on its own but I've learned to just do auto restart every 7 days and it fixed the issue. Picture isn't that great but WHT do u expect for a $70 set of 4 cams and dvr? Common people let's be realistic here they're not hdr quality nor is the price. You get what you pay for and if this is the budget you have to work on,they do the job just fine for me. Have had the app on my iPhone 6 and s6 no issues to date. Thanks for continued improvements Elec!
A Google user review A Google user
WORST APP EVER!!! Crashes nonstop and 8 out of 10 times I TRY to use it, the loading icon just sits there and spins doing NOTHING and won't load my cam veiws. Fix it already!!!!
winston layton review winston layton
Horrible navigation. Crashes constantly. No way to log in and or save images or videos. Worst app I have ever used. Also unable to keep the app from running constantly in the background.
Samantha Cruz review Samantha Cruz
Everything is great EXCEPT that I can't register or login!! It gives a timer to receive a code but I NEVER get it...
Daniel Welsh review Daniel Welsh
Not bad, needs little tweaking. Not as intuitive interface as I would like. Plus no function controls.
David Kudlack review David Kudlack
The app works fine. It's very good dvr and app for the price. All reviews are because when you setup the app u have to have all the wifi setup. Once u have yet wifi setup right there is no problem with being able see cameras from your phone weather it's through wifi or cell data.
A Google user review A Google user
Horrible app. It won't let me set up a sign in no matter which choice I choose, neither email or phone number works. Just times out and doesn't send a number so I can log on. I'm sending this entire system back!