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''Is is really difficult to hold mirror all the time, but every one want show their look perfect and accurate. Mostly people don't want to carry around a mirror just to check your appearance or put in contact lenses. Now everything else is on your mobile phone, so why shouldn't your mirror be too. This makeup mirror android application have many of the features like brightness, flash mirror, zoom in zoom out and focus on to the specific area. now you can use it anytime and anywhere any time. like maybe you are on meeting, on vehicle, or brake in your office, or traveling an where this app will help you any time, because it is installed on your phone that is all the time with you''. Free mobile mirror on your mobile devices.
Vanity mirror | compact mirror contains these features:
-Easy to use "Makeup mirror with light"
-Zoom option
-Exposure control
-Easy to use
-Simple Ui (Compact mirror)
-Freeze option
-Take picture
-Makeup mirror with bright light
-Vanity mirror
-Digital mirror
-Makeup mirror free app
-Magnifying mirror
If you are using some other makeup mirror that did`t convince you, then this is best makeup mirror just try it.
You don`t need to add your personal information just download and use it .

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