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Tate Dusanek review Tate Dusanek
Awesome game!
Possibly one of the best games I have played in a long time. Not a p2w but lots of perks if you do. I love the different game play modes within the game. All around great game! 5/5
Jonathan Rouse review Jonathan Rouse
This game is not sweet its super sweet
I never did like this game when it was only pupping up in my tab but I decided to download it a day and it AWESOME!!!!!! :-)
Shawn Lopez review Shawn Lopez
I'm really enjoying the game ..great fun and great friendly players .keep it up
Ell Syah review Ell Syah
Simple to play
Give 5 star if price of item more cheap ?
Jad Jawhar review Jad Jawhar
I really love it because its close to league of legends.
Don Ranches review Don Ranches
Good. League of legends character spinoff
It has good mechanics and strategy. Its just amazing how the characters resemble the champs at League of Legends. Coincidence? You decide. Worth a try.
Oliemar PERez review Oliemar PERez
It could be nice if the game is not giving the same heroes at the beginning.
Kai Bublitz review Kai Bublitz
Good boy
Good game, i like the lv up system. Makes it easy. Characters are fun and have lots of personality.
Ranie Jade Ramiso review Ranie Jade Ramiso
Too much restrictions
Played for a couple of days, there is too much restriction for a non paying player.
justin brown review justin brown
I preregistered for this game love it
The moment that I heard it was out I immediately got it
Elisha Andrews review Elisha Andrews
Not much to complain about, there was a little crashing going on but it may be due to programs on my phone force closing certain menus inside the game. Other than that, I love this game. Lots of fun.
bradly steward review bradly steward
Game is fun
But the time it takes to load when your doing quests is just insane. Fix that and I will rate 5 stars
Gennalyn Maulit review Gennalyn Maulit
Love it
Soo wonderfully I'm such a noob in this game
Walid Barambangan review Walid Barambangan
Why would i lose in the arena even when reaching the time limit with higher health than my oppenent? You should at least make me win so my attack wont be wasted. And one more thing, island crusade is f__cking hard. I cant even finish it till level 10. I can only reach lvl6. Do you want me to spend more money? Im VIP3 right now and i cant even beat island crusade. You are f_____cking greedy!!!!
John Mikko Manuel review John Mikko Manuel
Date nung sa shadow fight 2 pinapanood ko sya diko pinapansen nung dinanload ang ganda pala!!!!!!!!!!!! Lvl 16 nko 2days palang kahapon kolang dinanload