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Magisk XDA Release:

Install, upgrade, manage, configure the Universal Systemless Interface - Magisk within a single app!
Here are some key features:

• Check Magisk Version and updates
• Check root status
• Check SafetyNet
• Select boot image location
• Advanced installation settings
• Manage Superuser permissions
• Toggle logging and notifications for each individual application
• Enable/disable, remove Magisk Module
• Manually add Magisk modules by selecting Magisk Module zip files
• Download Magisk Modules hosted on the Magisk Repo
Magisk Hide
• Select the app you want to hide Magisk from
• Toggle systemless host support
• Toggle Busybox support
• Toggle Magisk Hide
• Tons of Superuser settings

... and much more to come!

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Magisk Manager APK reviews

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Ben Richardson review Ben Richardson
Version 12 made my mobile data stop working. Reverted to 11.6 and mobile data worked again. One plus 3t
Sondre Husevold review Sondre Husevold
Utterly impressed over how amazing this software is. Better than anything I've used before and so easy to use.
Safetynet: CTS profile mismatch
Tony Russell review Tony Russell
One of the best things ever to hit android.
Praise be to jeezus
Bhuvan B m review Bhuvan B m
Now on play store.
Dragos Bajora review Dragos Bajora
Definitely awesome. Keep up the good work ?
Arvind Badrinath review Arvind Badrinath
Never going back to superSU again.
Daryn Hammel review Daryn Hammel
V9 I was having a problem with loosing root access randomly (but when I did have root, I passed safteynet.) I only use this to pass safteynet and it works great with v10.2. If I do loose root access like I use to, I will update review (not rating, because magisk img is not the problem, that's with phh root) Thanks for great update and program. Now I can use Android Pay :) Which ive already done with root and works great! Edit: Great update to 11.0, still pass safety net. Also, when you have the time if you could add in PIN protection for su, that would be great. Thank you!
Beyond Im review Beyond Im
Crashing Everytime now after this update. Don't know what to do really. Force stop and clear cache? Maybe
Kyle Meyers review Kyle Meyers
Great app but newest version is force closing. I had to restore a back up of my system due to boot loop. That being said. Quality app and developer. I'll wait till it's updated and reinstall .
Amar Shah review Amar Shah
Absolutely amazing. One of the best ideas in Android development I've seen in many years. Thank you for sharing this work with the community topjohnwu
Jacky Chua review Jacky Chua
Simple to use, also can hide root for specific app, like it!
hendra defyan review hendra defyan
lost root, then reflash supersu, but cant install modul, now flash again v11.1 all back fine
Eddy Nelson Lopez review Eddy Nelson Lopez
Magisk v11.5 wiped out my root access, proceed with caution!
Jonathan Roberts review Jonathan Roberts
Just lost root and don't seem to be able to reflash SuperSU.