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Over 30,000 different maps for you to play on, including adventure maps, minigames, parkour, pixel art and so much more!

Maps are downloaded and installed automatically so you can play them within seconds!

Every map has a title, description and screenshot so you know what to expect before playing them. Some maps even have a YouTube video to showcase them.

You can even submit your own maps to be added to the app.

We have tried to provide credit to the map maker(s) where possible. We recommend you check out the map maker(s) as they often give you rules, challenges and other important information about each map.

This application does use the internet, so please be aware of data usage!

This is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with

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BORING!? WHAT DO YOU MEAN, 'BORING!? THESE PEOPLE WORKED REALLY HARD, AND ALL YOU SAY ARE 'They can do better. This thing is soo boring and retarted. I prefer blah blah blah.'!? WHY!? I USED THIS APP FOR 2 MONTHS, IT NEVER TIRES ME OUT OR FAILS TO MAKE ME SMILE!!!!!
Ebony Wolf review Ebony Wolf
Ah, very nice indeed. Btw, I'm a hero at mining. Nobdy will ever know what I mean. Lol. <3
Love that it's easy to use and all the mods but i think it needs more Naruto map like the hidden leaf village
CIty Island Games review CIty Island Games
I think its great
Its fun exploring other peoples maps n seeing the cool builds. My fav is Hogwarts.
Bryan Gara review Bryan Gara
It's really awesome but it would be best if there was a whole GUI update and a tab that says "New".
Kaitlyn Nguyen review Kaitlyn Nguyen
I'm mad.?
My map is not getting submitted and I submitted it in when I was seven, now I'm eleven. 4 YEARS WAITING!!!!!!???? but other than that, maps from here are pretty good. Catorgorized well. Thx for ur time, reading this comment.
Time Traveler review Time Traveler
Really awesome !!!!!
Devin Osman review Devin Osman
omg tanks for the update
I love you! Tank tank tank you!
Megan Wright review Megan Wright
Great app
All the maps work unlike other apps I would def. Recomond this app ☺
Ethan Ethan review Ethan Ethan
So going
I love this app because it less me
OfficerPao 1987 review OfficerPao 1987
It won't download!
Pls fix it
Chris B review Chris B
I can't upload anything
It always says that the title is missing for some reason
charles joaquin review charles joaquin
useful app?
Its so good.
Enoc Hernandez review Enoc Hernandez
Has good and epic maps
Salina Pei Yee review Salina Pei Yee
I will give five stars if you...
Help me to find DanTDM new lab because now he has famous lab and all people want this lab?So can you help ne find this maps? Plase ask me so i know?