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Jesse Gilbride review Jesse Gilbride
Bloated but useful.
Getting slower with every update, yet integrates with everything. *sigh* Worst thing about the last update, they took away 1/3 of the screen for the non-navigation directions; you can see it in one of the images on Maps' Play Store page. I miss the old days when Maps was snappy and easy to use. Now they seem to have coked-up noobs doing the design/ux.
Vijay Satti review Vijay Satti
Issue with "your location"
With the recent upgrade, lost the functionality of your location. Not sure if this issue is wide spread or just happening to me. Even directions are not working.
Ashley Garton review Ashley Garton
Functionality is awful now
I loved Google Maps before. Now I am forced to use Map quest's app because Maps keeps losing me. I can be driving on a road parallel to the hwy and it says that I am driving on the hwy and to exit soon. What was once good with this app is now crap. It's about as useful as crap too.
John Doe review John Doe
Latest version drops GPS signal.
Latest version drops GPS signal. Uninstalling all updates seems to eliminate the problem but, you lose some up to date functions. It would be nice to be able to revert to previous version rather than uninstalling all updates.
david villarreal review david villarreal
Bad navigation
I never had problems with maps but now the GPS signal seems to drop because the arrow jumps around different locations while using navigation, which makes it extremely difficult to follow the correct route. Fix ASAP!
A Google User review A Google User
What happened to the Explore option?!
This app was great. I was able to search for parks, recreation, attractions and other fun stuff. Now it only gives me results for food and coffee. So lame!
A Google User review A Google User
Saved Places keep disappearing
Saved Places disappear frequently and without seeming pattern - except they disappear all the time. Google should fix the Maps app instead of building driverless cars to nowhere!
Miranda Hutton review Miranda Hutton
HATE IT. Sony xperia z1s
Dev Preston review Dev Preston
Motorway junction numbers missing
Driving on major routes in UK there is often a lack of junction numbers given in the directions or even visible in map view. Please add this essential info clearly.
Randy Richey review Randy Richey
Drops GPS signal !!!
It worked well with my new LG Stylo until I updated it now it just loses location no matter what and doesn't work at all it used to be my primary map app unfortunately it forced me to buy a Garmin enough with all the extras Google I just want to navigate with phone freely like I used to a while ago there's too much unnecessary crap to the extent that it doesn't function well
Saahil Thukral review Saahil Thukral
i, as well as millions of users, would like to see the different routes to take before beginning my journey. Despite being the "fastest route" we HUMANS might think of a better route for whatever reason. Please bring this view mode back because the "fastest" route isn't saving us many steps when starting a journey
Sarah Donathan review Sarah Donathan
Has gotten so much worse
Every time I start navigation, it freezes. Doesn't start working until I've almost arrived at the destination. Completely defeats the purpose of the app. And what's with losing the option to choose alternate routes??? What was even the point of that? Sometimes the "fastest route" tries to take me through Canada. It's funny how you can avoid a ferry, but not a foreign country. Sorry I don't want to bring a passport to use the app!
Anggi Aulia Rahman review Anggi Aulia Rahman
Keep crashing
After updated to the newest version of this app, when i want to search some place or else
Aaron Miller review Aaron Miller
Best map app, except...
I've been using Google Maps for years, it's the best of its kind out there, except one thing, it misnamed the street I live on. Still the best map app.
Fran Ritz review Fran Ritz
Unclear directions
Took me extra time to arrive. Told me to turn left when impossible. Drove in circles. Doesn't say the name of the exit or turn street. What did you do to maps! It's terrible. Was great.