MARVEL Future Fight APK reviews

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Andy Finchum review Andy Finchum
Locks up
This game locks up all the time. Loved the game but if this continues I will be done with it as it is becoming more annoying than fun
King Furfox review King Furfox
5 stars still huh? i need reply from dev thankyou! ??
say what? it's a great game! very great. i searched "MARVEL OFFLINE GAMES" #1 list is MARVEL FUTURE FIGHT, guess what? you can't play it offline thats the sad thing about it. :( add a offline mode arena. but the mission it's okay when you can only play it online but pls add offline mode arena. swear the ratings would be better cause we can play anywhere anytime. offline arena like the game INJUSTICE: GOD AMONG US. the 3vs3 offline its okay. pls devs i count on you pls don't disappoint us it's a great game
Kelland Mclellan review Kelland Mclellan
Netmarble customer service
Started a game on phone only and now need to link my account to google because new phone and contacted netmarble numerous times... They dont help and it wants me to start from scratch when i try to link. This is a 5* game i wont be playing anymore after spending so much money and losing my account. I have almost all costumes and only need 4 more characters, its a shame. That it wants me to start from scratch smh.....
robert snyder review robert snyder
Suddenly crashing
I absolutely love this game, have spent a little too much money on it over the months but because of that reason I am extremely upset since the game now constantly freezes or crashes since this new update, gets a 3 star til its fixed
Richmond Ely review Richmond Ely
New update is terrible
Game is excellent it's just now the new update has bugs annoying long loading times after completing any missions please fix I'm tired of having to close the app after every mission just to play the game grrrrrrrr
Pedro Relvas review Pedro Relvas
Best Marvel game yet! Mix of ARPG and Mobile done well
I'm impressed. Never have I played such a balanced and content rich APRG on Mobile, with such respect to its source material. (Marvel comics and movies) I love the gameplay and the RPG elements of it, and all I ask is that you keep up with the excellent support with content. Thank you for the game.
Blaise Santos review Blaise Santos
Best Marvel game in a while...
& I mean for any platform. I normally don't play games on mobile but this one's special & got me hooked instantly. Love character selection, the various modes & the continuous additions/updates. I'd love to see one particular mode added in the future though - a multiplayer co-op mode with multiple stages (not just direct boss battles) that will be reminiscent of older Avengers or X-Men arcade games. Speaking of X-Men, we need mutants added to the roster too. Bring their 90's outfits!
Halo Falcon review Halo Falcon
Could players that stick with you get an award
I mean In 1.4.2 it says newcomers and returning players get tons of items but nothing for players that are staying with the game and could you make it easier to get the rare characters like destroyer and Angela and black cat. Please make a award for players that stuck with the game since I had it since the game came out
Christopher Lindemann review Christopher Lindemann
Love the game but hate the support. I purchased both the Autumn Packs but only received the cheaper pack. When I contacted Netmarble about the problem I receive no response back. My advice is play the game because it is fun but dont waste your money on purchases.
Tony Lantz review Tony Lantz
Issues fixed!
The issues i had were fixed. The developers actually listen to the players thats 5 star worthy to me. Now if we could only get some X-Men!! Haha
sahil thapania review sahil thapania
Game not opening
The game is not opening and just keep on saying loading yr information and after some time it says unable to establish yr network even i have a good range of wifi plz fix this as soon as possible
Matthew Fredericks review Matthew Fredericks
New IMPORTANT characters needed
I'm begging you to please add wolverine; quicksilver; Scarlet witch and if you can Thanos. Come on guys
Toshi Pongen review Toshi Pongen
Great game
Can u tell me abt iso bonus set? I set it in healing factor. But the hp of that particular hero does not increase during fight...... Help plzz
Tamas Somogyi review Tamas Somogyi
Fix the lag pls
Although I have a stable highspeed wifi connection, the game sometimes is lagging too much which is very frustrating. It mostly occurs when trying to launch a mission, the loading/connecting animation is displayed and persists between 15 and 90 seconds. Sometimes I even receive the "Could not connect" message. Instead of updating the game maybe you should consider updating the servers, or at least optimize them somehow.
Luis Chavez review Luis Chavez
Great game
Just started playing can't stop playing?