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Jovanny Rodriguez review Jovanny Rodriguez
The game is perfect
I want to see more 5 star characters come in...and be a bit easier to get 4 star characters will be great
Joe Bradford review Joe Bradford
REALLY!? Yup. Really...
UPDATE: 9/16/15 Still frustrating as hell at times. Like say, having a team of level 50+ characters, and gettin STOMPED on by a level 30 team...You seem to have run out of STORY ideas.. Ultron was ok.. disappointing in the end if you didn't make it all the way thru.. Would like to maybe pick a character to add to my roster.. or be able to possibly trade for a different 1.. otherwise. Still goin strong!
Shayne Sinex review Shayne Sinex
Fed up !
Don't even ask about customer support there is NONE!! You get nothing but a generic response, then they will blame you for their screw up..if game crashes and you lose your money or other items they tell you it must be your device,connection,etc..there is NO human phone support, they don't recompense any your losses, or your missing rewards etc..took from 10/2014 to 2/2015 to get 1 issue resolved and only received 1 out of 5 rewards missing.. If you don't mind getting ripped off and insulted then it's Great
Jason DeWitt review Jason DeWitt
Only the best will get better
Well after a year of play I feel I can honestly give a fair review of the game. At first it is fun and has great charcters with good gameplay, but then as time goes on you realize that this game truly become pay to win, and only pay to win. For the most part if you want to have the best charcters/covers well you better already have the best charcters/covers, or spend a ton of money for them. This is just my opinion so take it or leave it but after a year of play I feel like they just keep making it worse.
grant jones review grant jones
Four stars
Four star transition in this game is horrible drops are bad, new four star node is unbalanced to people who don't have many four stars. The node also let's the ai use a team up but we can't . this is starting to be a game I'm not gonna waste my time on anymore. GARBAGE!!!!!
Josh Jahnke review Josh Jahnke
Love it
Update** the new legendary deadpool event is essentially impossible without a maxed 4 star character. Don't even try, you will sink all your power ups into it and be no farther ahead. Great game! Lots of fun, interesting storyline. My only beef is that you can sell each card individually, but if you combine them to level up your characters, the price does not stack.
Ben Corbett review Ben Corbett
This game brings the jewel / fruit combination games and card fighting games together very well. It IS possible to get somewhere in this game without using in app purchases but you have to be patient. And having said that this game is very inapp purchase based. So because of this only 4 stars. Make it easier for us who don't have the finances to spend for the best and I'll rate it 5 stars. As an idea, how about a trade section between players. I have cards I don't really use and I would gladly trade them.
Martin Preto review Martin Preto
A real review from a free player *updated*
Let me start by saying I've been playing this game from the launch, I've yet to put in money, and I have now 55 character slots unlocked! Don't believe all the "must pay to win" reviews. All you need to do is play often to win isos, coins, and characters in either in the normal game events or in the various PvP tournaments. These rewards can also be earned with daily login prizes and the new Deadpool daily missions make it super easy to win isos and characters. Yes you can get stuck with cards you can't upgrade quickly but if you aren't paying money then you shouldn't expect to conquer the game without putting in real time. If you are stuck I recommend only keeping the characters who help you win and getting rid of everybody else until you earn more slots. In conclusion, the developers are constantly updating the game and keeping it fresh with new characters. My only critique is that story modes are few and repetitive and the team based events lack any change to the normal gameplay. Also please get rid of the boosts which became pointless once team-ups were added. Still this game is quite addicting and worth the money if you choose to pay, but great fun can be had for free!
Brian Smith review Brian Smith
Still scratching my head...
Seems like when I got to a certain amount of powerful characters, my chances of winning at versus has dropped significantly. When I was less powerful I was routinely coming in the top 10. Now I play stories alot more cuz I have no chance of doing anything with more powerful characters in versus.
James Lenth review James Lenth
Inconsistent Game
I know you set up the game so the computer player has the advantage and gets more automatic gem matches from the program. But, I had a 20,000 point character in a match and it was completely beaten by one move. THAT IS REDICULOUSE!!!!! I have spent 100s of dollars on this game. I thing you scewing the matches in favor of the computer is to much. Please make it more fair for me?
Frank Rock review Frank Rock
Too many to list: 1: Same BORING story endlessly looping (devs don't even fix names to match who you're playing with/against); 2: APP STILL CRASHES AND DAMAGES YOUR TEAM 3: CHECK INTERNET CONNECTION on WiFi, no other app impacted?!? Glad to take our $ but won't upgrade infrastructure!! 4: before you can get all 13 covers for a character and level them up, they release a new more powerful, and impossible to get 13 covers for free, version of the character making it obsolete. etc. Shame on D3 & Disney/Marvel!
Becky Roberts review Becky Roberts
Fun, addictive but....
The game is great and a ton of fun! But I just got a new phone as of 1 day...reinstalled the game and find out I have to go through a tutorial on how to play the game... SUPER ANNOYING.... I finished the tutorial and now can't get my saved would've been nice to had the option of getting my saved backup going instead of WASTING TIME GOING through a tutorial.....
Patrick Van Y review Patrick Van Y
Could be better...
Combat is still biased at times, sometimes impossible. Some of the recruit tokens produce the same useless 3-4 characters nearly every time. Would be nice to get something higher than a common recruit coin or iso- 8 after nearly every fight
Nicholas Ciccone review Nicholas Ciccone
Alvin Yeh review Alvin Yeh
Its awesome but it needs one thing
I honestly think its a good game to cool down your mind, but what i really what is that you can trade with your people in your alliance because my brother wants something that i have and something i want and i really wish there is a trading system so please that'll be cool