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arif 03004976577 review arif 03004976577
I love this game sooooooooooooo much and i am see this cartoon.
Marielle Malla review Marielle Malla
Masha and the bear:kids games
I like this game so ausome and amazing
andreea j review andreea j
Masha is my daughter's name
She really likes masha and the bear
Harpreet Singh review Harpreet Singh
I love it soooooooooooooo much
Ist time i got any game unlocked we need only to download it. If we will do once second time it will take only one minute.
ShahiD kHan review ShahiD kHan
Masha she is super star..kid
My baby Kabeer khan hi is love the masha....than i have Downloaded
Nadia Adelina review Nadia Adelina
Galaxy S5
my niece love this game so much. well, the i try it as well and i like it! LOL
Abby D review Abby D
It should have a little more than just mini games, but it is super cute.
Sahal Asamadii review Sahal Asamadii
I love Masha so much !!! She look so [email protected]@@
arnel tumbado review arnel tumbado
Like this great game!!!!
I like to download this game becuse I'm feel that's game is so amazing but I cannot download it please download to my phone.....
Enda Ende review Enda Ende
first time to play, can't open the quest bcoz don't have candy
Katherine Holland review Katherine Holland
Will not download on to samsumg tab 4 ?..... please tell me why as my son wants to play this game ! It says couldnt download onto usb or sd card ???? Yet there is enough space , its not the device as it will allow me to download other games
yardin Hasan review yardin Hasan
I nia
Love games masha and bear apa lagi flm nya
Astrika Putri review Astrika Putri
Great I Love it!!!!!
I like this game thank you so much this game is good Good Job GUYS [^_^]
masnoon kazmi review masnoon kazmi
Like it but.......
Thanks for making it.......!!!! But it was not working so please ........Make it better........then I rate it......five stars. ......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????
Akshaya Velma review Akshaya Velma
Ok ok
Its nice but we can't download it quickly and its not downloading properly