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I love it for the game very much it keeps me occupied continuing the good work
Tim Ferguson review Tim Ferguson
Fun game to play
Anita Ayers review Anita Ayers
Love the game
Lisa McGee review Lisa McGee
Cool cool cool
Thomas Holland review Thomas Holland
I like,it fun
Khadijah Ennis review Khadijah Ennis
Some of the changes, like coins going to the 'house' so instead of 200 coins one receives 195 and downgrading the amount of winnable coins on draws (likely so people will put more of their own money into the app) have weakened the experience for me. The game will disconnect when I have low data - fair. However, sometimes this happen and I'm mid game. The game will backtrack my moves when it comes back again but the timer will run out before I can make remake my moves. It will also cut out mid game and when the game comes back on I've lost a match because of inactivity and my coins will be gone, too. This has happened a few times. Loved the game but all these updates and changes of smaller things should he focusing on issues like the ones stated above.
Still completely addicted lol...Question though...when I am challenged by another player how do I accept so we can play each other? Thanks again for a great game...huge stress reliever!
Dennis D review Dennis D
I love this game i play it daily i cant put this game down
David Gonzalez review David Gonzalez
Fun game pvp good way to pass the time
James Smith review James Smith
Please help! I try and play the game on Wi-Fi to help with my data but it doesn't connect to some Wi-Fi. Why not???
chalayna graham review chalayna graham
Why isn't cloud city and vegas views unlocked? Why cant i play them?
Charlie Walbridge review Charlie Walbridge
This game needs a pause button. A few times, I have been called away in the middle of a game, to let the dog out or go to the bathroom, resulting in forfeiting my turn! How can you have a timed match-style game, that's supposed to be fun, with no pause button?
jacqueline canady review jacqueline canady
Slow to come on and took a long time to download but once I got the game to play I love it. Getting on the game was a very slow process. People have to be patience if they really want to play. I love the challenge against other people
Alberta Goodin review Alberta Goodin
Need to be fixed. Won't even let me get in to play. Want to play this but not letting me in. Please fix. Don't know how may times I've uninstalled and installed again. So mad right now.
kimora 007 review kimora 007
Best 3 match game ever very addictive my child loves it and I get to challenge friends head to head absolutely love it